Owner and i have had a busy few days. We have just returned from a wonderful short trip to Edinburgh. We stayed at a fantastic luxury B&B called Number 29 which really is stunning and which we would both thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting. We re-visited (we've both been to Edinburgh in the past - but never together) many of the cities sights and Owner also used the opportunity of the stunning interior of our bedroom at the B&B to do a quick photoshoot. Here are a few photos from our trip. First, me in my little tartan dress in room;

 As you can see, the room was amazing! i so wish we had that bedroom at home.

And a couple of photos of the city itself;
View from Edinburgh Castle
Top of Calton Hill
View from Calton Hill
Water of Leith

Meanwhile, before we went away not being in chastity for the past few days also enabled more clamps to be attached to my clitty when cleaning. i sported builders clamps AND weighted table cloth clamps - 16 clamps in total, whilst cleaning and dusting our bedroom. Believe you me they make their presence felt as all contain little plastic teeth at the 'clamp' end which dig into flesh.

12 x builders clamps + 4 x weighted table cloth clamps in situ
grin and bear it!
However, i understand that wearing such clamps at least once a week is good for developing my pain tolerance and i am grateful for Owner for allowing me such opportunities to wear them as i dust and clean. Hopefully, i will be able to continue to demonstrate improved pain tolerance with practice. Currently i wear such clamps when cleaning/dusting one of the rooms on my weekly cleaning rota.

Depending on the day of the week and, consequently, the room being cleaned this could take between 10 -30 minutes. It took about 15 minutes to clean the bedroom and my clitty certainly knew it had been clamped hard by the time i had finished! i hope over time to be able to increase the severity and intensity of the clamping and to be able to handle a clitty spanking/paddling from Owner at the same time.