i have been able to work from home  every day bar one this week and so it has meant that i have been able to wear the new 'working from home' uniforms Owner has instructed me to wear from now onwards. To make things more interesting, we also had a couple of deliveries this week, which of course meant that the delivery people also got to see me in my smart new business outfits.

The first of these occurred on Monday when our supermarket groceries were delivered. i swear the delivery driver was much chattier and more polite than usual, even offering to help bring the items inside for me, an offer i politely declined. Then on Friday we had another delivery. This time i got to interact with another equally friendly and charming delivery person as well as our downstairs neighbour who seemed a little surprised at what i was wearing but didn't say anything.  This is me wearing the work uniform i had on on Friday

Incidentally, i should confess that on both occasions i knew the deliveries were being made and so i wore trousers and a blouse that day rather than a skirt. However, i wore skirts the other days and, had the postman knocked or someone else come around, i would of course have had to go to the door wearing what i had on. The picture below shows me in one of my new business skirts, incidentally this is me during a work teleconference
i love now having to wear a work uniform when i am working from home. Owner has suggested that we ought to introduce the concept of 'dress down Fridays' for me when i am working from home at the end of the week. That sounds fabulously fun and i can't wait for Her to clarify quite what She might have in mind!

On a different topic it looks like i might end the month with a tiny amount of my allowance still left. Owner instructed me to purchase a new cleaning outfit yesterday which emptied out all bar about £3 of my monthly allowance. Thankfully the new month starts on Monday and so my account will be topped up again with £100. i am going to try to set aside a small amount at the start of the month so that at least i start saving for my ankle tattoo.

On a final note. Owner and i are off to Miami later on next week. i am sure we will have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi! i have to say, it is interesting how the delivery people responded to your latest outfits. i guess one never knows! You look great in that skirt too! i picture you peeking around the front door for some deliveries soon, hee!
Liking the 'dress down' Fridays... i see what you mean about Owner maybe having some good ideas there!
Congrats on saving, despite having to buy that new cleaning outfit. i hope you also bought some of those rubber gloves to go with it, though! :)

Happy pet said...

Thanks Sara - well today the inevitable happened, we had a delivery when i was wearing a skirt. It being a Monday also meant i had no knickers on under my skirt!

Yes, am intrigued by the 'dress down Friday' as well. Will have to see what Owner has in mind.