Owner made a comment today which brought a wry smile to my lips, Rather than working from home i had instead booked the day off to do some much needed decorating in our flat. This was something Owner had forcibly reminded me the other day and so i have booked some time off work to get the job completed.

Normally on a Friday i would be working from home and so would be dressed something like what i wore when working at home earlier in the week:

my work outfit earlier in the week
But today as i was decorating i had my 'decorating' outfit on - basically old clothes that gradually get covered in more and more paint!
my decorating outfit
i sent Owner this picture to which She replied:

'That's humiliation for the pet'

It made me laugh because She was right. Having to dress in these clothes is something i hate doing - these days i am far happier in stockings and a skirt and sod whether the neighbour or postman sees me. Funny how things have changed over the years, i would once have been mortified at the idea of being seen in a bra, make-up, skirt etc. Now it doesn't really phase me at all.

Changing the subject, this coming Monday it is time for the chastity dice roll which will determine whether i remain locked up or not. i hope i do.


Kaaren Sissy said...

It's like when I read of "petticoat punishment" I just don't get it....the only punishment is when I have to pass as a man for whatever reason!!!!
But you look cute as a button in both outfits!!!!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Kaaren, you say the nicest things