i was super lucky this afternoon. Owner and i went shopping to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, East London. There is a huge Victoria's Secret store in the shopping centre and on passing it Owner asked if i would like to go in? We have passed it a number of times on previous trips but have never been inside before and the opportunity to ogle at row upon row of bras and panties was irresistible. But Owner had a surprise in store for me. After we walked around all the sections of the store commenting on the various garments on display Owner said i could purchase a pair of knickers. We quickly agreed on a pair of 'cheeky' ones which are open at the rear.

Owner took this picture of me in the store after i had made my purchase. As you can see i was rather happy
So, what do my new 'cheeky' knickers look like? Here is a rear and front picture taken when we arrived back home

the rear view - as you can see it leaves my 'pussy' fully accessible
front view
All in all i think i was very lucky!


Kaaren Sissy said...

Just absolutely adorable!!!!
I love both views.....but I think for that rear view pic you should have bent forward a little....girl you have to flaunt it sometimes!!!!

Poppet Subslut said...

Hi Kaaren - you are right, not my finest posing ever! Think i was too excited by the knickers :)


Natalie said...

I would have been excited wearing them poppet hee hee I’m glad I’m wearing my cage as there would be some movement hee hee x and we don’t want that happening

Poppet Subslut said...

Hi Natalie - ha, ha...great minds and all that :)


Anonymous said...

Hi happypet,

lovely purchase and easy access for a pegging session :)


Poppet Subslut said...

Perfect indeed for just that sissysteph