Yesterday was the anniversary of my collaring by Owner. However, it was not a cause for celebration as I have been demoted to trainee pet and had my full pet collar removed. Owner is extremely justified in doing this and has rightly commenced a period of intensive re-training of Her pet to get me back performing my expected tasks and duties. To explain why this situation has arisen I need to briefly re-cap the past year of our lives together.

My collaring ceremony on the 8th September 2007 was and is one of the proudest days of my life. Owner had stipulated a series of behaviours and tasks that she expected me, as her pet, to perform for her. Owner had stated that these would be continuously built upon over time to further my total submission to Her in our relationship. For the first 8 months things went extremely well. i was performing my tasks and duties as expected and was relishing my role as Her submissive pet. i was learning and acquiring new skills and was an extremely happy submissive pet.

Then a couple of things happened which, though I do not offer them as an excuse for the subsequent decline in my behaviour and eventual demotion back to trainee pet status, do provide the context for my decline in behaviour. Those things were

• Trying and ultimately failing to sell our flat and buy a house
• Owner commencing a period of intensive study for a course she was doing

Trying to sell the flat meant that house hunting, having to show people around the place, dealing with solicitors and incompetent estate agents etc. The routines that Owner and i had built into our relationship got seriously disturbed and our lives became increasingly stressful as the housing market collapsed whilst we were in the middle of trying to move. Eventually, everything fell through and we’ve decided to stay put for now. However, the experience left us both tired, stressed and emotionally drained.

Owners course meant that She was spending most evenings and weekends studying. Though i helped where I could it did mean that She had little or no time for the fun activities we used to enjoy together. Whilst Owner studied i became restless and distracted. i spent more time on the internet and neglected my duties towards Her. In short, i became a not very good pet at all.

When Owners course ended and the house/flat non-sale/purchase came to an end Owner presented me with a formal notice that my decline in behaviour and performance had been noted and i could either accept re-training along Her lines or be dismissed completely as Her Owned submissive pet. i readily signed the letter. i too had noticed how i had become listless and ill-at-ease with myself. In short, i was as unhappy with life as my Owner was with my behaviour and performance. i recognise that i am only truly happy when serving my Owner and urgently needed help to get me back on track. Owner and i made a list of areas that i had continued to perform Ok in during this period, tasks/activities i had neglected and those i had not even started. This list is detailed below:


Things I have done
Worn my collar and cuffs at home
Worn pretty clothes and make-up at home
Been in chastity
Saved some money on a regular basis
Cooking for Owner
Washing dishes
Snuggling up with Owner
Relaxing Owner
Cleaning sex toys after use and ensuring we have supplies of condoms/lubricant
Kept toe nails painted
Bent over and made himself available on command
Obtained Owners permission before buying clothes for himself
Worn his tag
Not initiated sex
Greeted Owner at door by kissing her feet
Thank Owner on knees after supervised shower
Wearing high heels at home

Things I have done but not all the time
Updated my journal and diary
Worn make-up and women’s outfits at weekends
Reminded my Owner when I am due a supervised shower
Baked Owner nice cakes/bread/biscuits
Ensured that the washing does not pile-up
Polished Owners shoes
Been Owner sex slave (apart from when pet was ill)
Not drinking alcohol very often (slipped a little lately) – but did ask permission
Reminding Owner when punishment is due
Pleasing Owner orally/manually in bed
Worn his (outdoor collar) when outside the house
Clean bathroom sink/toilet daily
Ensure clothes are neat and tidy
Preparing mini-dungeon on a Friday
Change bed linen every 2 weeks
Not orgasmed without permission

Things I haven’t done at all in past couple of months
Given my Owner a pedicure
Hand-washing Owners underwear
Pleasing Owner sexually using Queening stool
Serving as a foot rest
Licking Owners feet
Learning word/powerpoint
Obtained Owners permission before making purchases over £10
Warmed up Owners side of the bed (not easy to do if giving foot massage as well – need to discuss how best to do this i.e. should pet go to bed before Owner?)
Been kneeling on floor when apologising to Owner
Cleaned the flat completely once a week
Offered my Owner a nightly foot massage
Studied Spanish


It is now a week since Owner agreed to re-train me. i am already feeling much happier and contented than i was before and my performance is gradually returning to the level expected of me.
Owner too has commenced more regular punishments including regular canings and flogging (arse and testicles) and is again enjoying fucking Her pet.

So, although i am now once again just a trainee pet i am now much, much happier than a few weeks ago and our lives are back on track. It is wonderful to once again be serving Owner as She expects.


Mistress160 said...

I think your Owner has been very fair, and I am sure you'll now keep an eye on your behaviour. Thank you for your lists. I will be applying them to sol :)