It has been a wonderful birthday weekend for me, the whole time spent having fun with Owner. After yesterday afternoon's excitement of being allowed to buy some pretty clothes by Owner, including a new bra, i gave Owner a pedicure and foot massage before snuggling up with Her to watch a DVD.

This morning Owner continued the birthday 'treats'. First, after i had prepared breakfast, She pinned me down and tickled me 39 times. i hate to be tickled and have a tendency to writhe all over the place when Owner does this. However, it only seems to encourage Her! After this i prepared a stew for lunch and Owner decided that She would like to do a fashion shoot of me in some of my new clothes purchased the day before. This is one of me modelling my new bra.

After lunch i spent some time cleaning the flat and then Owner announced it was time for another birthday treat...39 minutes fun (one for every year of my life) impaled on the anal impaler with the tower of pain attached too. Owner took the following photos at the start of my treat;

With the photos taken Owner then turned Her attention to my testicles and spent the remaining half an hour spanking them and tormenting them with Her wartenburg wheel whilst i bobbed up and down and squirmed on my pole! When the 39 minutes were up i feared that my nipples would be agony when the tower of pain's clover clamps were released but was pleasantly surprised to feel nothing....well nothing at first! Soon a low throbbing pain erupted across my breasts which built in intensity so that my nipples were left super sore and throbbing intensely. As i write this (an hour later) i can still feel them throb deliciously. Thank you Owner for a wonderful birthday weekend.


Mistress160 and solipsist said...

A belated Happy birthday to one of my favorite tarts!

Poppet Subslut said...

Thank you Mistress 160

Susan's Pet said...

39? You are lucky that you are not as old as I am.