It is 4 years today since Owner and i first met and i can honestly say that if you had told me 4 years and 1 day ago that i would meet a woman with whom i would not only fall madly in love with but who would later become my Owner as well as my best friend and companion and with whom i would go on to share the best times of my life i probably would not have believed you. But yes, having chatted for a while over the net our first meeting proved to be the start of a wonderful and fantastic journey and adventure full of fun, frivolity and love...oh and of course with a growing Femdom relationship evolving along the way. We didn't meet as people interested in finding that sort of relationship, rather as two souls seeking friendship and companionship after coming out of divorces. But something special developed between us and now we live happily together with me submitting to the most wonderful woman in the world. i truly am blessed.

Oh, and we still have plenty of fun together too. Last night, as we do every year, we returned to the restaurant where we first had a meal together. This year i had a particular challenge to fulfill which was to spend the evening wearing fake nails (as well as my usual make-up and collar, dog chain and 'slave' bell) see picture below;

i was extremely self-concious at first, trying to hide my hands on the tube and then trying to quickly pay for some items in a shop hoping the assistant wouldn't notice my nails (which of course she did) - forgetting of course that she probably had already clocked my collar and make-up, the nails just been an additional 'interesting' detail!

The nails themselves were quite strange to wear, they made rolling cigarettes or operating a cashpoint machine quite a challenge, though happily i survived the evening and had a wonderful meal to boot with Owner.

Talking of cigarettes, Owner and i have both vowed to try to give them up starting tomorrow. We're armed with patches and gum so hopefully this time we'll both succeed. We joked last night that it would be easier if we were both subs instead of just me. That way we could have got one of us to tie the other up and keep them locked up until the cravings had gone, then return the favour to the other. However, as there is just one of us who is a submissive then no such luck. Oh well, hopefully this time next year we'll be celebrating not just another year together but a year without fags.

Oh, and one final thing, and the reason we didn't try to stop smoking until tomorrow. Today was the final match of the season for Owners home town football team. The match was even more stressing than last week's, at half time they were losing and were just 45 minutes away from relegation to the Spanish 2nd division. But after much despair on Owners part they ended up winning! Puxa Sporting!


Mistress160 said...

We've been doing the synchronization bit again ... I purchased fake nails for sol's birthday - the date of your post. Then wrote about what we did with them the next week:

He has not worn them out in public ... yet!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160 - oh no not again! LOL. i saw your post about Sol's nil's on your blog but forgot to leave a comment. i hope he enjoyed?

Wearing in public was...interesting! Owner has recently purchased a set of ridiculously large fake eye lashes (they're about 2 inches long!) for me to wear. So far i have only worn them at home for a show. However, i fear the worst!

Mistress160 said...

LOLOL ... she is such a fiend!