Owner and i have had a family member staying with us for a week, and though it has been great fun, we've done lots of sight-seeing, had meals out and visited other relatives whilst they've been here, it has inevitably meant that we've had to be somewhat discrete this week. For me this has meant remembering to wear 'normal' shoes about the house and to cover up my painted toe nails and not putting on any of my daily make-up or fem clothes. However, our guest has now departed so as i type this post i am wearing bright pink nail polish, short black lace nightie and with my face all made up pretty (yippee!!).

Now we have our flat back to ourselves i've been going around retrieving all of our 'toys' and other giveaway objects from their temporary hiding places and returning them to their proper places. Oh, and of course doing some cleaning and hoovering whilst i'm at it. Mind you even with a guest staying, Owner has still been treating me as Her slut whenever She has had an opportunity. Most mornings before going to work (Owner took the week off to entertain our guest but i've still been going to work during the day) She has finger-fucked my 'pussy' until it was thoroughly moist and spanked my chastised testicles. To prevent my moans of frustrated pleasure waking our guest in the next room Owner has had to stuff a pillow in my mouth! It has certainly been an enjoyable way to start the days for your truly!

Although it has been lovely having our guest to stay it will be wonderful to interact openly with Owner as Her submissive once again and get back to my little routines (which i've missed). We've also both decided that we really do need to get different jobs as well. We're both bored and frustrated in our current ones. i'd love to work somewhere where i could dress en femme all day! There's a blog i read by Mistress Helen whose submissive maid works in Her shop and also works as a cleaner. This would be a wonderful job to have...if anyone knows of an opening for a domesticated slutty sub i would love to hear!

However, back to reality! This weekend i have promised Owner that i will put on one of my regular burlesque shows for Her. This is something i do quite often and we both have great fun, although they're often more strip than burlesque - i always seem to have a problem keeping my knickers on! i'd love to have posted some pictures from the last show but the hard-drive of the computer packed up at the weekend and until it is fixed all the photos Owner took are inaccessible. Ho hum!

Finally, it is now also the end of my 'probationary pet' period. Owner has had me complete my self-appraisal which i have submitted to Her. My own assessment is that i have failed as during the probationary period i did not organise any Spanish lessons for myself or develop a Powerpoint presentation as requested - though i did undertake the other training and development requested i.e. weekly pedicures for Owner, requesting a regular caning etc, etc. Owner has promised to review my performance during the probationary period at Her leisure and advise me of Her assessment of my performance. i will post the outcome (with Her permission) when i have received it. i do long to return to full pet status once again and will continue to strive hard to serve and impress Owner whatever the outcome. It is, afterall, what makes me happy.


JeanieLoveJones said...

that's beautiful!


Mistress160 said...

Look forward to hearing The Result!

(and very pleased you now have Follow on your blog, so I can read posts as soon as you publish them ... thank you!)

Happy pet said...

Jeanie - thank you

Mistress 160 - yes i am waiting in tense anticipation, i think i may hear tomorrow as i have a work evening event to go to and Owner has said she may use the time to complete my appraisal.