It has been quite muggy and humid in London the past couple of days and it looks set to get worse. Neither Owner nor i are great fans of this weather and so this morning found us lazing about in the cool of the bedroom with the curtains drawn listening out for any sign of rain or thunder to clear the air. Alas there was none.

Neverthless, Owner put the time to good use spanking my testicles with Her favourite leather paddle. She also discovered that spanking the head of my exposed penis with the paddle (i've been out of chastity this past week on Owners instructions) caused me to flinch and generally look uncomfortable. This of course was met with a gleeful response by Owner who switched Her attention from my testicles and instead set about spanking the head of my penis. More fun was had when Owner discovered She could thread the leather loop of the paddle through my nipple ring and have me walk about the flat in the morning with the paddle hanging from my breast, tugging it gently. Of course, hung in such a position meant it was constantly available for Owner to grab and still use to spank my bottom, or wherever She chose. A little later on found me on all fours, testicles being spanked hard and a glass butt plug in my 'pussy'. Owner was happily spanking me and pushing the base of the plug deeper in me when....well let's say i had an accidental release. This was not good as i had not obtained permission to cum, although Owner has generously stated i won't be punished for my misdemeanour as She was intentionally experimenting. Needless to say after ensuring that i had licked up my mess and cleaned the toys Owner decided i should be placed back into chastity.

Which brings me to the subject of happiness, and specifically how happy we both our living out our little Femdom lives. i know and Owner knows that i'm currently far from being a perfect pet. However, She views our relationship as a lifetime project and though determined to see me improve (as am i), and prepared to punish when She feels it appropriate, also believes that we can just take things one step at a time on a lifetimes journey into Femdom. It has been over two years since we started living together and developing our Femdom life and in that time we have both learnt and grown into our respective roles. As Miss D pointed out in her comments on my last entry i do, as my recent appraisal from Owner demonstrates, need to improve and ensure that i work hard to regain my pet status and i fully intend to do this. There is nothing i would like more in the world than to once again be my Owners pet, as opposed to a probationary pet. But for us what is as important is that we both have fun and enjoy our relationship at the same time. i truly feel blessed and honoured to have this opportunity to share my life and to live and grow with such a wonderful Owner and partner. She makes me the happiest person alive and accepts me for who i am and who we both would like me to become. Although i'm not there yet, i am a long way down the road compared to where i was (or indeed we both were) when we first set out on this journey together a few years ago.

Finally, as i type this sitting at the kitchen table and already feeling the heat of the day rising uncomfortably, both of our attentions are turning to our holiday in just over a month's time. We're both off to Norway, a country neither of us has visited before. We're going for 2 weeks which will also be the longest we've been on holiday together for as well. We've hired a cabin near a fjord and the mountains and forests and are already thinking about all the interesting prospects and opportunities for some outdoor and indoor fun and games!


Mistress160 said...

Ahhh... outdoor play ... *happy sigh at the memories* ... you will have so much fun!