Well today was a day of great sporting endeavour in this part of London and for this particular slut. A few days ago i received the following invitation from Owner to participate in a 'Slut Marathon';

As you can see this was an ingenious sport and one i felt confident i might do well at, unlike say tennis a game i totally fail to see the point of and which i was always hopeless at as well. Anyway, i digress. The aim of the 'marathon' was to select X and Y cards which determine where, with what and how the competitors pussy was to be fucked e.g.

The beauty of the game, as Owner highlighted, is that with judicious shuffling of the cards it can be repeated again, and again, and again. i look forward to the extension pack!

Anyway, the game started and i entered fully into the sporting spirit and am pleased to report that i did give of my best! The following are some action shots taken during the course of the event (the easily offended may want to look away now...though why you're here in the fist place beats me!)

There were 10 parts of the marathon to complete and with each one done these were chalked up on the multi-media scoreboard Owner had strategically placed in the kitchen

As you can see, interludes were provided during the event to enable Owners pet to continue with my normal tasks and duties. However, at the end of a long, gruelling, and wonderfully exhausting event! i was deemed by Owner to have successfully completed the 'slut marathon'. i had a congratulatory 'winners' laurel placed on my head and was allowed to pose for a photo with some of my 'momentos' from the day! Oh what fun we both had. As Owner said after, there was never really any doubt i would complete the marathon as i am a complete slut.


Mistress160 said...

*Ms160 falls about laughing*

Oh well done!

You two are seriously perverse ... I'm stealing these play ideas immediately!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160, please be our gust. Owner and i look forward to reading about the 'Aussie rules' version in due course ;o)


Anonymous said...

Good gurl poppet - you are quite the slut! Just an insatiable little fuck toy.

Happy pet said...

Miss D, thank you for the compliment.


sissyserge said...

Wow, now that's what i call sports!!! You did great, poppet, as expected and i adooooooored the pix with you wearing your mules!!
i'm certain my Mistress will have me being "sportive" real soon ;-)

Happy pet said...

Thanks sissyserge, i tend to wear them all the time about the house as 'slippers'