After a couple of hours spent in the able hands of Gino at Diamond Jack's in Soho i am now the proud wearer of another tattoo from my wonderful Owner. These photos were taken about 3 hours after the tattoo was finished and so my skin is still looking a little on the raw side but we're both absolutely delighted with the results;

For anyone curious about the design the Triskelion at the top of the key design symbolises BDSM and the key itself relates both to my chaste status and its location (on my arse) refers to this being the key to unlocking the slut/whore within me.

Mind you, Owner says She chose it just because it looks pretty!


jeanie the sissy said...

(the tattoo, not the ass, although the ass is nice too)


Happy pet said...

Thanks Jeannie


Mistress160 said...

It's bigger than we expected, and absolutely perfect! Wow!