Well it's now been a few days since my old chastity device, the CB-3000, was replaced by the birdlocked pico. So how's it going? Well, the flexible spikes are certainly effective, especially when all 25 of the little fiends are digging right into my engorged little clit. However, Owner has also realised that the device offers a whole new world of opportunity for Her to torment, tease and torture Her little slut in chastity in a way that simply was not possible with the solid plastic old device. Being made of very flexible medical-grade silicone,  lined with 25 flexible spikes all pointed directly at an extremely sensitive area of my anatomy and with nowhere to escape their sweet embrace it only takes a small amount of squeezing on Owners part for those little devils to make their mark.

Of course, squeezing tightly makes their presence felt all the more deliciously painfully and Owner has already had me begging to be squeezed harder and harder as the teeth sink into flesh. This morning i was left moaning in utterly helpless, exquisitely painful desperate frustration as Owner wratcheted-up the pressure, tighter and tighter until She had me fellate a dildo whilst She left me in frustrated heaven to concentrate on Her own pleasure with Her new vibrator.

Owner has told me that this evening She is going to lock me up in the pussy impaler so that She can properly concentrate on squeezing and torturing my clit and nipples. Oh sweet lord, how i hate but love my new fierce little birdlock!