Today being a friday i wore my bra, stokings and suspenders to work, together with my chastity device and the silver belly chain that is always permanently around my waist (albeit discretely hidden from view). So what? i hear you ask. Well my last meeting of the day was in City Hall in London and to get into said building you first need to go through an airport-style body scanner.

i've been there many times before and on occasion the waist chain, or the padlock on the chastity device - i'm not sure which, has triggered the metal detector. But i have always just been waived through with the security staff saying it's probably my belt or shoes.....Not today! With colleagues stood waiting for me a few feet away ready to go into a meeting, the metal detector alarm went off and the security lady started to scan me with her hand-held scanner. As soon as it went down my leg level to where i knew the clasp of the suspenders to be it buzzed.

'You must have something in your pocket' she said.

Trying not to look flustered, as i knew what i thought the real problem was, i rummaged around in my pocket and dug out some debris, but nothing metal. She scanned again and again it beeped.

'You must have something in your pocket' she repeated as she did she swept the device across my crotch whereupon it beeped loudly again. Damn, not the chasitity device lock as well!! Trying to remain unruffled as she stated i would possibly have to remove/lower my trousers if i didn't come up with a decent explanation for why her device was beeping i explained that i had forgotten i was wearing my chain and then proceeded to try to remove it without lifting my shirt too high to reveal the waist cincher suspenders i was wearing to my colleagues. Who knows what they made of me wearing the chain?

Anyway, chain removed she swept again and again it beeped but this time she just shrugged and let me through.

When i got home and recounted the tale to Owner She thought it brilliantly funny, which indeed it actually was. Reminded me of a classic airport scene from the film This Is Spinal Tap!!


Mistress160 said...

Oh I love it ... you really can never let your guard down lol!

Mistress160 said...

poppet, try changing my URL in your blog list back to ... that might make my entry work better :)

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160, that now seems to work fine. Not sure what the problem was before but thanks for highlighting the solution. And yes, my guard is always 'up'!