Owner and i hardly ever watch TV. However, there is one programme which i love to watch every year, namely the Eurovision Song Contest. Many people might regard my (and it is just mine - Owner does not share this passion) adoration of the festival of kitsch and trash that is Eurovision as a little sad. But who can forget the gorgeous Dana International, the hard rock joy of Lordy or even the United Kingdom's own stripping Bucks Fizz? All wonderful!

This year Owner has provisionally consented to letting me watch the programme. However, to make things more interesting for Her and for me, She has designed a little game. Basically, the idea of the game is along the same lines as drinking games, however, this one has it's own set of special instructions for me to perform if/and when the appropriate 'trigger' event appears or happens during the show. i've copied the rules Owner has devised below;

As you can see there are a range of possible things i may have to do as a consequence of certain trigger events occurring during the show. These range from the relatively straightforward, such as being spanked/caned to having to go shopping with Owner and try on a bra and skirt in a shop and then purchase these. It should make for an interesting evening anyway!

Owner has also indicated She would like to devise a similar game for the World Cup - not actually something i'm really that interested in at all but which i may end up being glued to the results waiting to see what they translate into by way of challenges/punishments etc. It's looking like it's going to be a fun summer, and i've still got the bra-challenge posted about previously to complete this weekend.