Well Eurovision has come and gone. Not the best of years in terms of over the top performances and far too many ballads. Howewer, it did give Owner a chance to put Her game (see earlier post) into action. Overall, there wasn't too much that i had to do on the night, though i did wear my nipple clamps and mini-pegs for a long time, but there are a couple of challenges to be completed as a result of the show in the coming days. The total scores on the doors for the night (based on Owners game) were;
  1. One instance of having to remove my knickers and wave them in the air
  2. i will have to complete one outdoor make-up challenge at some future date
  3. i was spanked 20 times during show
  4. i will have to wear a big summer hat in public on two occasions of Owners choosing
  5. i will have to purchase and wear a t-shirt emblazoned with the legend 'SLUT' or something equivalent
  6. i had to wear weighted nipples clamps during three songs
  7. i had to fuck myself once with a dildo
  8. i had to wear non-weighted nipple clamps during 10 songs
  9. i did one quick strip-tease
  10. i will receive 10 hard canings
All in all it was not the greatest of Eurovision's ever but Owners game did result in a few distractions during the show to entertain Her and a few post-show challenges to come.

The following were taken during the show as i completed a couple of the challenges;

Today Owner and i are off into town for me to complete the bra challenges. Look out London town here we come!