This weekend has been a quiet one for Owner and i. Owner has a stinking cold which, combined with Her period, has left Her feeling somewhat low. As a result we have spent most of the weekend pottering about in the flat. i've been cleaning and also on something of a baking frenzy, the result so far being being banana bread and a sticky lemon cake. Owner's cold doesn't seem to have affected Her appettite at least.

We've also got some new neighbours moving in to the house next door to our flat. No doubt they are looking forward to settling in to their new abode and getting acquainted with the neighbourhood. i just hope that they're not in for too much of a shock as their top floor overlooks our garden where i am often to be found pottering about en femme with my collar and cuffs on and is also the location for my whore training sessions with Owner. i just hope that they are like the couple who lived their previously and don't spend all their time looking out of the top floor windows, otherwise they may be in for something of a surprise!

The countdown has now also begun in earnest to our trip to Manchester next weekend. It's years since i was last there and Owner has never been so we're both looking forward to it. Manchester is actually an old haunt of mine as it is where i went to University (albeit  two decades ago). Owner has advised that i can expect to be asked to complete some challenges whilst we are there which, naturally, i am looking forward to.

Meanwhile, tonight i have promised Owner a little show which i hope will speed Her recovery. That's about it from me for now, adieu.


Vanessa Chaland said...

Its refreshing to hear that a sub tends so well to Her needs when She is not feeling well. :)

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Vanessa. i rarely ever post about domestic life and service as i take this as largely being read i.e. i try to do all the cooking, cleaning, housework etc and have a daily rota that i stick to which is posted in my 'dutues' section down the side of the blog.

That said, i think it is especially important to try and make Owners life as comfortable as possible during times when She is not feeling well. i should also add though that Owner is an excellent cook Herself as well.


Mistress160 said...

Manchester??? Do go say hello to my relatives while in your pretties *grin*

Much sympathy to Owner, I've been battling flu as well as dental surgery, it really does stop one's kinky appetites. Now if only I could teach sol to bake....

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

Didn't realise you were linked to the rainy city. i hope your dental work isn't proving to be too uncomfortable, Owner and i both send our love. Am also sure that Sol could teach himself how to bake, it's pretty easy and the rewards are scrumptious. Take care and remember to get Sol baking - it's what subs are for.