What a wonderful concluding part to our Halloween weekend today has been. In the morning we both set off into town for me to complete my red basque challenge in St James Park. Some of the colours of the leaves on the trees at this time of year are amazing and it was lovely to wander around. i also completed the challenge;

and Owner shot a little video of me wearing my basque in the park too;

My challenge having been completed to Owners satisfaction we walked over to Covent Garden to have some lunch and a nosey around some of the shops before heading back home.

When we got back i prepared our Halloween meal (more about that later) and then got changed to perform my promised little show for Owner. i performed to Marilyn Manson's excellent cover version of Sweet Dream Are Made Of This which is one of my favourite Marilyn covers. Ohh, and i honestly do appear once the intro with the 'mysterious and spooky' pumpkin has finished!

Show over it was time to serve Owner my Halloween dinner. iid baked sodabread and then hollowed-out and baked a pumpkin and used the baked pumpkin as a container for a cheese fondue. Not your typical Halloween meal i grant but it tasted delicious

Meal completed it was tme to wash up and tidy away and then clean and polish Owners boots, and give Her Her regular Sunday pedicure and then update this blog. It has been a fantastic Halloween weekend and i am so grateful to Owner for having devised such a wonderful one.


Mistress160 said...

I think if I tried to celebrate Halloween sol would leave home...

But it's always a joy to see how other kinksters celebrate it. Especially with such wonderful challenges as your fiendish Owner's..

Never mind, I'll make up for it at Xmas *grin*

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Mistress 160 and Owner certainly does exceed Herself when it comes to devising challenges for me and we have great fun completing them.

As for Xmas, i'd love to hear what you have planned for Sol, as, i suspect, would he! :o)


Suzanne said...

Very cute!!! Glad you enjoyed Halloween!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Ms Suzanne it was an excellent and fun weekend. Owner has now set me some additional public challenges for tomorrow which should be...well, challenging!