As mentioned in the previous post Owner and i spent our anniversary in Rome, the eternal city, whilst on our holiday in Italy. It really is a stunning city (as is the country as a whole) and we both had a fantastic time seeing some of the sights;

Whilst we were there Owner also presented me with the most wonderful anniversary gift, a beautiful silver charm from Tiffany's to adorn my belly chain with the words 'naughty' on one side and 'nice' on the other. i love it and think it is absolutely beautiful;

Owner also bought me a little bell to adorn my collar so that i now tinkle softly as i walk about the flat. i presented Owner with my anniversary gifts for Her and also later got an opportunity to buy Her a lovely, and quite appropriate, pendant as a gift which now adorns Her neck

We saw many fabulous sculptures and artworks whilst we were away but i must confess that none quite caught my eye as did this one. It is a contemporary work by two Italian artists (part of a wider piece) called Zamboni and Bolzani  and not a renaissance masterpiece but it does have a certain something special for anyone interested in Femdom.

You can see a youtube video of the full works shown on TV here

The villa we stayed in inTuscany was wonderfully isolated, nestling in the hills above Cortona. It would be wonderful to live in such a place knowing that you could be as loud and as indiscrete as you liked without any concerns about disturbing the neighbours. As it was there were so many things we wanted to do and places to visit that we only had a couple of opportunities for play. However, when we did it was amazing. On one occasion after administering a sound caning

Owner led me outside on the balcony so that i was looking down over the Tuscan countryside stretched out for miles before me whilst She instructed me to fuck my pussy like a whore. It was amazing, standing there legs spread open on the balcony with Owner instructing me to act like a wanton slut and me eagerly obeying. Of coure, it would be that just at that moment the one vehicle of the day should happen to drive past along the little mountain track in front of the villa! However, once the 'coast was clear' Owner soon had me recommence and even allowed me to cum, and then had me lick the floor of the balcony clean of my mess.

Whilst we were away i was temporarily released from chastity but now that we are back home i am back firmly locked up again. i must say it was somewhat strange to be unlocked for such a long time, i even started to pee standing up again, something i am never normally able to do. However, i am pleased to be back locked up again, it is after all where i belong. Just a shame we had to come back though -Tuscany is definitely a place where we could happily live for ever.


Mistress160 said...


Happy Anniversary to you both. May you enjoy many many more, all in magical locations :)

Ms160 and sol

PS Any idea who that Mexican artist is? That's a stunning art work.

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

That proved a challenge to find out as i forgot to take down the details at the time. However, by the power of Google Owner discovered that it the work is called L'umanita by two artists called Zamboni and Bolzani and there is even a youtube video about the work at

Ohh and i was totally wrong about them being Mexican!!! They are actually Italian and called Nicola Zamboni and Zara Bolzani. Where i got Mexican from who only knows!!!

Mistress160 said...

Thank you! No wonder I was having trouble finding them LOL. I'm off to You Tube....

Treacle said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! It looks like you had a great time. ;)

Happy pet said...

Thanks Treacle, it was great but sadly now seems like an age ago!