Regular readers of this blog will know that i have been kept in a pretty permanent state of chastity for the past 4 years. i am given releases about once every couple of weeks so this isn''t the state of enforced long-term denial that some subs experience, but nevertheless the norm is a chaste one. Over this time period my chastity has been enforced by the wearing of a CB-3000 device with added 'points of intrigue'. This has been a great device for everyday wear, it's comfortable (well the points aren't but that is the point!), lightweight and doesn't hinder you going about your daily business. All it requires is regular cleaning. Some people have found it's size an issue but as i am pretty small in that department it has never been a problem. However, from Owners perspective it does suffer from one major drawback, namely that if She wishes to torture or torment my clit then there is a whole kerfuffle of having to remove the device before She can do so. Owner would prefer something that allows Her greater spontaneity.

To try and address this we purchased a Birdlocked device (again with extra teeth inside) because rather than being hard plastic it is made of silicone and so appeared to offer lots of potential for Owner to abuse my clit at Her leisure whilst it remained securely locked up. Sadly, our experience with this device wasn't a good one as it led to sores and slight blistering and so we retunrned back to the trusty old CB3000.

Today, however, Owner received an email from one of Her favourite on-line stores, Tickleberry advising of their latest products. Amongst the new devices and implements they have to offer was the following;

The device is called a Kali's Teeth Bracelet and is a medical-grade but lightweight device that secures behind your 'bits' and then traps your clit in a metal-spiked sleeve. The clear advantage offered by this device from Owners perspective is that it leaves my clit relatively free for Her to abuse and torment. From my own perspective it retains the sense of control of having a device securely in place (though i'm not someone who would oherwise be desperately masturbating on a daily basis without being in chastity - i just like the sense of security and control it provides). At the moment Owner has not made any decision as to whether to purchase it or not but She is clearly quite interested in this device and the metal teeth would certainly add a new dimension to any moments of arousal on my part. i guess i shall just have to wait and see whether this is to become my new replacement reminder of my place as Owners chaste submissive or not.


Mistress160 said...

Oh I like ... yes yes yes yes .... Xmas just came, so to speak!


Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

oh i hope so, i really do!


Anonymous said...

i love chastity belt too.