Owner and i exchanged those presents that are not to be opened in front of friends and family today. i received some wonderful items of underwear including a lovely green velvet waist cincher from Burleska, lace top, some pretty leather gloves, a pretty top, purple suspender belt with matching stockings and.........a new and interestingly spiked metal chastity device called Khali's teeth. The following photo shows me modelling my new waspie and lace top;

 and here's my wonderful new chastity device;

It looks inocuous enough but that metal circular band around my little clit (with the padlock resting on top) is lined with rows of little metal teeth. Any arousal on my part and i will soon know about it! Owner is very excited with Her new purchase as it leaves my clit accessible for Her to tease and torment in a way that isn't possible with my plastic CB3000. We shall have to see how we get on as our last chastity device purchase was less successful than we had hoped. However, this one certainly looks promising, i'll report back over the coming days and weeks how we get on.

Meanwhile, today has seen lots of heavy snow in London and the following are a couple of wintery scenes shot in our garden and local park

The snow looks set to stay, in fact more is forecast, and so Owner has advised that tomorrow i will be undertaking some outdoor snow challenges. i can't wait!