It had all started so well. This morning Owner advised that She would like me to remove my chastity device temporarily as She would like to practice some bondage in the afternoon. First, however, She wanted to go and visit a nearby farmers market at Alexandra Palace and have a wander about. We both set off but no sooner had we gone about 5 minutes than the rain began. However, undeterred we walked the 45 minutes over to the Palace and had a wander around the stalls at the market, buying some cheeses, sauces and meats.

Shopping completed we headed into Crouch End and had a reviving cup of coffee at one of the cafes;

and then headed back home.

Shortly after we got back Owner sugegsted going to bed (we'd both woken up at 5.45am) and no sooner had our heads hit the pillow than we both fell asleep! On waking Owner began to tease and caress my nipples and exposed clit and then presented Her wonderful breasts for me to suckle on. Owner shifted position so that She was sat astride me and began to pull hard on my nipple rings and twist them. i adore having my nipples abused and was soon begging Her to pull and twist them harder, which She did. Owner had removed Her knickers and lowered Herself down so that the head of my clit was rubbing against Her sex as She twisted and pulled my tits.

Then suddenly, and without warning, disaster. 56 days of being denied and locked up and behaving as a good chaste sub was undone as i realised in mute horror that what had felt like intense arousal had tipped irretrievably into unstoppable orgasm. i tried in vain to prevent the inevitable but could only apologise profusely as i soaked the bed clothes. It was awful, unenjoyable and wrong. Owner was righly annoyed and i dismayed and ashamed.

i was placed straight back into chastity by Owner and have been told that i have to wear the khalli's teeth device all day at work tomorrow. It is no more than i deserve.


Mistress160 said...

Shame, indeed....


Armando said...

Probably need to try intercourse more often ;) . I ensure that this doesn't happen with my Goddess by doing a lot of edging, or having her take me and push the milk out of me before our sessions. So far it's made an awesome recipe for love. I can be the attentive sissy, and she gets pleasure all around in and out.

Still though, your self denial denies her apparent interest in getting penetrated. Perhaps you can wear a strapon if you fail again, and finish her off, just a thought.


Happy pet said...

Mistress 160 - indeed!

Armando - thanks for your comment.Penetration is something that Owner neither wants nor desires, there being many other ways in which She receives pleasure. Neither is it something that i particularly miss either. i think yesterday was the culmination of lots of teasing and fun and i just lost control, as simple as that. Not good but does happen.


Armando said...

Thank you kindly for that clarification. I might recall in an earlier post about your bisexuality, you mentioned intercourse was is not of interest to you, however, that left unclear to us whether she liked penetration or not. Hopefully you can straighten that issue out. One shouldn't release so easily. I on the other hand think I've edged myself to where I cannot have an orgasm. I usually need a little push from the rear to reach over the top ;) . Thank you again, I enjoy your sexual adventures with you Mistress. Be kinky always!

msmarie said...

Oh what a delicous mixture of pleasure and shame that must've been. To feel intense pleasure mingled with the fear of retribution. Yikes! MsMarie

Happy pet said...

Armando - Owner enjoys Her toys and being able to penetrate me, She too has no particular desire to be penetrated and in the years we've been together with me as Her submissive you can probably count on one hand the times we have had 'normal' sex. But we sure do get to have plenty of fun and pleasure nonetheless :o)

MsMarie - it was actually unpleasuable for me (as well as somewhat unexpected) in that i know it is wrong and so was concentrating on trying to prevent rather than enjoy any pleasure that may have been gained.