Straight after work on Friday i met-up with Owner to get the train down to Brighton and spend the weekend at my Mum's. i'd been giving a presentation and running workshops all day so was dressed slightly less casually than normal, though i was wearing my bra, stockings, waspie and panties on underneath my clothes.
The train was packed with commuters heading home and weekenders like us heading down to the coast for the weekend and so it was a while before Owner and i could get a seat. However, when finally we did i began to undertake my latest public challenge - namely playing with my nipples in public. Owner took the following little video of me performing my challenge on my mobile.

To be honest, people were so engrossed in their books and papers that i think i could have safely walked through the carriage naked without anyone noticing! Though maybe i shouldn't say that as it might give Owner ideas.

We had a great weekend away, but it is good to be back and dressed prettliy for Owner once again.


Mistress160 said...

Well perhaps not walking through the carriage naked ... but surely at least your shirt buttons should be undone....

*huge grin*

(LOVED the film clip)

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

They honestly were after this clip but the video of that bit didn't come out properly.