Today was the second of my two days leave from work. As with yesterday my day began by making Owners breakfast and packed lunch before waving Her off to work. i then set about a list of tasks i wanted to complete for Her return. First off i stripped and cleaned the bedding then showered and put on my make-up and got dressed.

All fresh and clean it was time to ensure the same could be said of the flat. i hoovered throughout and mopped the floors and then finished off some of the painting in the bathroom. Next up it was time for one of my favourite activities - baking. There were still some leftover raspberries from when i baked Owner's birthday cake so i opted to use them up by making cup-cakes. Once these were finished i moved on to making some stock and researching some new recipes for future use.

Cooking completed i ventured out into the garden to do some general weeding and then prepared myself for Owners return from work. i slipped out of the jeans and t-shirt i'd been wearing all day and put on a pair of hold-ups, side-tie knickers, the green cincher i'd worn yesterday, black lace top and my 'killer' heels - killer that is in the one day i'll kill myself trying to walk in them variety!

i then texted Owner and sought Her permission to wear my inflatable pussy plug for when She returned. Owner graciously assented and so with about 40 minutes to go before Her anticipated return i put the plug in  position, inflated it almost but not quite fully and then tottered and potttered about until i figured She must be about 10 minutes away. i headed down the hall and assumed my position kneeling in front of the door.

When Owner entered the flat She was presented with Her housewife/whore kneeling in front of Her kissing Her shoes with my derrier wiggling in the air with the plug inflated deep inside my pussy. Owner took the bulb that inflates thee device and gave it some additional pumps, inflating it still further. She the pulled down my blouse and pulled and twisted my nipples and had me spank my chastised clits 'dangly bits' before walking me through into the kitchen. There She bent me over the kitchen table, removed the nipple clamps that are permanently 'to hand' hanging from my collar for just such a moment and attached them to my nipples. Next She fished out a heavy wooden spoon from a cupboard drawer and proceeded to beat the base of my plug. She then turned Her attention to my clit and used the spoon to beat me between my legs, spanking my exposed and swollen bits whilst pulling down hard on my clamped nipples. Owner continued in this vein for a short while, pausing only to switch on the vibrate in my plug and then resuming Her assault with Her wooden spoon.

As Owners spoon smacked against exposed and vulnerable flesh i couldn't help but try to part my legs further and arch my hips so that i presented Owner with a better target. i don't know why but the sensation of having  the unchastised parts of my clit hit hard and repeatedly whilst my pussy is stuffed full is an uncomfortably wonderful one!

Five minutes later Owner called a halt to proceedings. It was time for me to make Her cup of tea and then prepare dinner.

Owner stated that She loves having me at home as Her housewife and whore, i certainly do. Alas, tomorrow it is back to work again for me.


Mistress160 said...

Wonderful two posts, poppet :)

We are trying to arrange things so that sol gets one day a week working from home (the other four he will still have to go in to work). I soooo hope we can make this happen ... so we can make days like your last two posts happen!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160 - many thanks for your kind comments and i hope that Sol is able to arrange things so that he gets to work from home one day a week. i started doing this as well a few months back and it is wonderful and so nice to be home when Owner gets back to greet Her properly. i'll just have to make sure the prospect of sunbathing in my bikini in the garden doesn't distract me too much in the summer from actually doing some work!