Today Owner and i went for a walk along the Thames from Wapping to Canary Wharf. We'd set off to do the same walk yesterday but had gone no further than half a mile when we were caught in a sudden deluge that left us soaked and heading back home. No such problems today though and, as it was low tide, we even had a chance to head down to the 'beach'. Not one to miss an opportunity Owner also made sure that some publc challenges were completed too with todays challenge being to flash my bra and titties in public...which you can see in the following sequence of photos;

flashing my bra and then playing with my breasts on the 'beach' of the Thames at Wapping, then off amongst the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf for some more, this time in Canada Square;

before heading to the end of the Isle of Dogs with a view of the O2 arena in the background, but this time with clamped nipples as well:
Walk completed we stopped and had a drink in a cafe before heading home for another make-up photo shoot;

it has been a great day and there is still some garden whore training to come!