Apologies again dear readers for the excessive delay between postings, the consequence  in part of my having turned into what Owner describes as a spoilt fluffy pet. In truth there was a time when, due to the problems with my back previously documented here i had lost some of my mojo. i did not feel particularly sexual in any shape or form and was somewhat limited in what i could do anyway. Happily, those days are now past and, though i remain unable to do certain things and have to generally be a bit more careful, my overall level of horniness and whoreishness is most definitely back.

In the meantime Owner and i have been busy with some further travels, this time to Istanbul. We stayed for a long weekend and it was the first time i had been to the city in over 15 years and Owners first ever visit. Below are a couple of photos we took of the city;

Owner also used the opportunity to do a little photoshoot of me in the hotel (we didn't attempt any challenges in the city itself)

Not quite the glamour of the harem but it was fun to do!

One of the ways that i am trying to get my back back to normal is by doing regular morning and evening exercises and also weekly pilates classes. However, i have realised that wearing a chastity device is not that compatible with lying on your stomach doing back stretches etc - basically it gets in the way. Accordingly, i have stopped wearing mine (and will take down the counter at the side of the blog). We both hope that this is just a temporary state of affairs and that one day i'll be able to go back to wearing it - or someone will come up with a flexible device that can be worn at such times, but for the time being i am 'out'.

However, Owner has been making full use of the opportunity presented to play with and generally tease, torment and spank my newly exposed 'clitty'. She has also been encouraging me in my development as Her whore much to our mutual delight.

So, this is just a brief update to say hi and yes we're still here, alive and still having a whole heap of fun which - afterall, is what it is all about. Hopefully, i'll start posting a bit more frequently than i have of late.


susanrhodes said...

glad to hear you are nearly fully "mended" after your back problems. for the last 4 weeks or so i have felt the same, i just don't feel girly at all, maybe its something to do with the changing of seasons!!

Happy pet said...

Thanks Susan - i generally find my horniness and whoreishness sap rises with the onset of spring - and this year is proving to be no exception. Hope your spring comes soon too :)


Mistress160 and solipsist said...

We've been offline for ages too ... glad we are all returning :)