Well mine and Owners quest to find a chastity device that i can comfortably wear whilst doing my pilates exercises for my back and discretely wear under tight clothing continues, this time with a new device that makes full use of my Prince Albert piercing - which incidentally hasn't been worn in years. Anyway, the device is called a PA-5000 and is made by the same good folk that brought the world the CB chastity device series. In that regard the CB-3000 served  us extremely well and kept me in almost permanent chastity for approximately 5 years until its rigid contruction and shape meant i found i couldn't wear it and do my back stretching exercises too and it was a little too obvious when teamed with tight jeans.

Accordingly, the PA-5000 has been bought to see if it serves better than the short-lived (very) Exobelt Extreme experiment which proved somewhat of a disaster. Here's a photo of my PA-5000 in place;

It does enable your clitty to swell and get aroused upto a point when the device then constricts around the top of your clit preventing (so goes the theory) any unfortunate accidents! We shall have to see how it works. The ring through the piercing makes the device impossible to remove without cutting through. The other plus is that it is made of plastic so no chance of setting off those metal detectors that organisations i work with love to keep installing just to test me!

Owner is reserving judgement to see how it goes but has said that She likes the fact the device still leave my bits quite exposed and open to be abused.

Meanwhile, in the football i accrued two more challenges today, one easy and one difficult. The easy one was courtesy of France drawing with England and the difficult one thanks to Sweden losing to Ukraine. The easy challenge is to fellate a dildo for 30 minutes and the difficult one is to be photographed/videoed at home fucking myself with the big red dildo and monster inflatable dildo.


Armando said...

This looks so good, I just saw the Alien series of movies, and this brings it right back, looks so symbiotic

Happy pet said...

Thanks Armando - unfortunately though it didn't work out in the end.


Mistress160 and solipsist said...

How's this device going???

Love from us both :)

Happy pet said...

Hi Mistress 160 and Sol,

Unfortunately things didn't work out with the device. It has been so long since i originally removed my PA piercing that i had forgotten why i had taken it out all those years back - namely that it 'travelled' - stretching the piercing hole.

Anyway, this device is designed to go through your PA hole and after a few days i started to notice it was doing the same thing. i think if i'd left it in i'd have had a clit head that looked like a smiley face! with one long 'mouth'.

i think for someone who's had a PA for some time and who does not have a problem with a travelling piercing then this device would be great and would work well as otherwise is very comfortable. Sadly not for me. Am currently sans chastity device whilst we research another alternative. Current thinking is the 'Lancelot' chain mail sack type device. Do you know anyone who has tried?

Hope you both well?

Love from us both