Today i completed two of the challenges accrued so far courtesy of the European Cup football results. The first was an 'easy' one, tidying in the garden in a skirt/dress. i opted to wear my maids outfit teamed with my wellington boots - not quite as glamorous as could be i guess, but practical. You can see the results here;

The second challenge was a 'difficult' one - to be impaled on the 'pussy' impaler for an hour with my nipples clamped. i am pleased to report that i successfully completed this, much to Owners delight

i love my 'hello kitty' slippers!

Yesterdays results saw me accrue yet more challenges, one 'easy' one courtesy of Italy drawing with Spain and one 'difficult' one as a consequence of Ireland losing to Croatia. As a result i will need to both apply make-up in a park and also fuck my own pussy in public. These could be interesting.