This weekend began with me greeting Owner at the train station as She arrived back from work (i was working from home) before the two of us headed off to try out a new local cafe. The cafe was great (a lovely cafe/gallery space) and we ended up back there for brunch the next day when it was packed. However, on  Friday early eve it was a lot quieter and Owner took a couple of shots of me as we lingered over our coffees;

The remainder of the weekend was, however, spent for the most part with me covered in paint. Owner and i had our new bedroom re-plastered mid-week which left Friday night and Saturday/Sunday for me to paint before the new carpet arrived to be fitted today and our new furniture later this week. i confess to finding painting to be quite therapeutic and rewarding and it also gave me an opportunity to get some final use out of my last pair of 'boy' jeans by sacrificing them to the great DIY job in the sky. Needless to say i was wearing pretty panties underneath and Owner popped in a few times to photograph my builders bum!

The last of the painting was finished first thing this morning though just in time for the carpet fitters to fit the new carpet. i couldn't resist the urge to roll about on our nice soft  bedroom floor and play with myself  for Owners camera when She got back;


Tamara said...

Isn't it great to see the progress?
René is laying laminate now. And then he wants to install wood panelling around the walls.