On Saturday Owner and i went into Soho to get my new tattoo done at Diamond Jacks. We arrived a little early so there was time to pop into one of the neighbouring cafes for a quick caffeine fix before heading back to the parlor and upstairs to get my new ink work done. The tattooist was Gino who did two of my previous tattoos and we think he did an excellent job with this latest one too. Owner is absolutely delighted with the result and i am very happy as well. The photo below was taken in the cafe just before i had my new tattoo done:

Whilst the following photos were taken at breakfast this morning, almost 40 hours after the tattoo was done, and before we both headed off to work (in case you're wondering some of the intervening period was filled with an exciting trip to IKEA to organise some new bedroom storage etc). But i digress the tattoo pictures taken this morning are below:

In the photographs you can also see the dog bowl i eat all my meals from and my super cute (well i think so) Hello Kitty slippers. We also now have a little breakfast bar and stools which Owner has advised will make an excellent 'platform' for challenges and whore behaviours. We already now have a new informal breakfast 'rule' which is that in addition to having my titties clamped first thing in the morning (as you can see in the picture) i am also to keep my dressing gown pulled off my shoulders and my nightie pulled down to reveal my titties and to sit facing Owner with my legs fully parted (this time not as shown in the photo!).

We have some more chaos about to descend on us at home in that we are getting various rooms in our new flat re-plastered and then i am re-painting them. We both can't wait until it is all over and we can finally settle down into our normal happily deviant routines and activities. Owner has begun to think ahead to some autumnal themed challenges ready for when 'normality' returns.


susanrhodes said...

wow - that really is a big tattoo - i was expecting a little hello kitty or something.

the tattoo is a permanent stamp of your sissyness, but we all know that the sissyness is permanent anyway!! lol.

thanks for the kind words - as soon as i find my camera i will take some photos.


Happy pet said...

Hi Susan - thanks again for dropping by. Yes the tattoo is quite big but is in proportion with my other tattoos and as they say, in for a penny in for a pound. Just a shame autumn is upon us and i will have less/limited opportunities to flaunt it in public until the spring. We're both really happy with it and Owner thinks it reflects my character.

Take care.