Owner has commenced a series of random SE London challenges for me in which a location somewhere within the SE London postcode is randomly identified and a random challenge then picked from a hat by me, which i then have to complete. Todays challenge was the first one drawn out and was to prove a fascinating little trip as it involved a visit to Crystal Palace and specifically to their model dinosaurs.

In all the years i have lived in London i have never visited this park before although it is a very famous one, both as sight of the Crystal Palace itself built for the Great Exhibition and then destroyed by fire in the 1930s, but also for its model dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were created in the 1850s and are an iconic feature of the park. Some of the models are quite funny as their creators often had only a limited idea of what some of the creatures may once have looked like and relied on a considerable amount of artistic licence when creating them, they were also not helped by the limited fossil records available at the time. As such they are a wonderful illustration of what we once thought some of these dinosaurs may have looked like and as such they are now listed as historic monuments in their own right. Here is a great photo taken by Owner of one of the dinosaurs;

My challenge was to 'shamelessly play with my titties' - something that would prove more difficult to complete than i had imagined as although the day was a bitterly cold one there were a large number of parents with children wandering about the park whom i had no wish to offend.  Anyway, we managed to grab a few moments between buggies and prams for the following;

So yes there was a new dinosaur that could be spotted in the park today - a certain Tittysaurus Poppet :)