As part of my development Owner has instructed that i start composing short stories for Her. The stories are to be erotic and to have the aim of getting them published. They also present an opportunity for me to further share some of my fantasies with Her. Below is the first story i have presented to Owner. She has professed Herself to be pleased with my effort. i would of course welcome any comment or feedback from any of the readers of this blog. And yes, i would love for this to happen one day!



They had had a wonderful weekend away together in the Cotswolds. The cottage had been idyllic and the weather neither too hot nor too cold with bright spring sunshine every day. Together they had enjoyed some fantastic walks, explored picturesque villages and cocooned themselves in the luxurious fabric of their four-poster bed. It had, in short, been a wonderful trip.

Now though they were on the train speeding through the countryside back to London and back to their everyday lives. They both loved these little breaks but equally loved their life together in the city. Countryside was great for a short while, but the city was the best.

As he sat and watched the fields whizz past his mind drifted, remembering past holidays together, the things they’d done, the escapades they’d shared. It would be their anniversary soon; it would be great if they could get away again, maybe another long weekend in a country cottage or a city break somewhere continental?

‘I have a surprise for you’ She whispered, leaning sideways towards him so that Her mouth was almost touching his ear.  He snapped out of his daydream and looked at Her.

‘In my case’ She said ‘there’s a bag, a blue bag. Go and get it but don’t look inside’

He paused momentarily and looked at Her ‘you’ll love it’ She whispered.

‘A blue bag?’ he queried. He hadn’t recalled seeing a blue bag

‘Yes, it’s inside the front compartment. Bring it to me’

‘Ok’ he said and eased himself up out of his seat and walked to the end of the carriage to where there suitcase was stored. Although it was a Sunday there were a few other people in the carriage and as the train sped along the tracks he had to steady himself at least once to prevent him banging into a fellow traveller as he made his way to the luggage rack.

On reaching their suitcase he pulled it out of the rack, unlocked and partially un-zipped it and reached inside. Sure enough his probing fingers quickly located a plastic bag which he carefully extracted. It was blue and tightly rolled and sealed with sellotape. Whatever was inside was light and felt soft and squishy. He re-sealed the suitcase and returned it to the rack and then carried the bag back over to where She was sat. He handed the bag to Her as he sat back down on the seat.

At first She said nothing and then She leant back towards him and tugged his arm gently with Her hand, pulling him towards Her. He lent towards Her so that their heads were touching.

‘You know I love you don’t you?’ She whispered.

‘Yes’ he replied.

‘And you know how I love having a pretty wife?’

He blushed slightly when She said this.

‘And you know I expect my wife to always do what I tell him?’

He tensed a little, something was coming. He nodded cautiously.

‘And I know how you need to be challenged, that you enjoy such challenges, and that you love behaving and looking like a slut’ She looked directly at him as She spoke these last words Her eyes fixed on his. He forced himself to say yes, his anxiety mounting rapidly.

‘Take this bag and go to the toilet. Take off what you are wearing, and I mean take off everything and put on what is in the bag, then come back and join me here’. She stared at him, watching his reaction. ‘Did you follow that? Repeat what I just told you’ She continued, Her eyes continuing to hold his in their gaze.

He paused; he felt his mind racing as he began to digest what She had just said. ‘You want me to go to the toilets, take off everything I am wearing, put on what is in the bag and return back to the seat’.

‘Good petty’ She replied.

‘Errm, what should I do with the clothes I am wearing?’ He asked.

‘If there is a window, throw them out, if not leave them in the bin’ She said matter-of-factly.

His jaw gaped open and his eyes opened wide in astonishment.

‘Remember you do exactly as you are told, that’s what wives do and you want to look pretty don’t you and show what a slut you are?’

He froze momentarily, unable to respond, unable to think as he digested the implications of Her order. When at last he was able to speak all he could think to say, in a plaintive tone, was ‘and my shoes?’. The shoes were new and comfortable, he liked his shoes.

‘All means all’ She replied ‘shoes, underwear the lot, everything in fact apart from your jewellery, oh and of course your little cage, but of course you couldn’t remove that even if you wanted to’ She smiled as She finished Her sentence and tapped his crotch. He felt his clitty involuntarily stir in its cage.

‘It’s a good challenge don’t you agree?’ She continued. He had to admit it was and one that had taken him totally by surprise and a far greater challenge than he had ever undertaken before.
‘Well, I am waiting’.

He took a last look at Her and then cautiously stood up, took the bag and carefully made his way back down the aisle towards the toilet at the end of the carriage. ’Could he do this?’ he asked himself repeatedly as he made his way down. This really would be a test of how far he might be prepared to go. What else might She make him do? Could he really pluck-up the courage to do as She said? He had done other challenges and he knew that, with each one completed the next became a little easier, but this? This was on a totally different scale. But, if he did do it how well he would have demonstrated his submission to Her. It was a test, of late he’d been doing well, She had complimented him on what a good wife he was becoming. Incrementally She was taking over more and more control of his life. And he was happy, happier than he had ever been. In truth he loved submitting to Her, desired nothing more than to submit further until She had complete control over all aspects of his life whilst coaching and training him to become an accomplished wife and total slut. This was a test, a big one. He was terrified but as his hand reached out to open the door to the toilet he knew he wanted nothing more than to complete it, whatever the cost.

He locked the door behind him and in the narrow confines of the lavatory eagerly ripped open the blue bag... Inside was a white cotton dress. He took it out and held it up. It was sleeveless with a V-neck with a short line of buttons that extended down to the waist. There was a matching white cotton belt attached around the waist and underneath the fabric of the dress flared out. It was the pretty skater-style dress he had pointed out to Her a few weeks ago and which he had longed to have. She must have bought it for him. As he held the dress out in front of him he realised how thin the fabric was, it wasn’t transparent or sheer but he could definitely make out the outline of his hands through the fabric.

He stood holding the dress like that for a minute or two. Could he do this? Dare he? Could he really, did he really want this that much? There would be the rest of the journey, the tube across town and then the final train journey home with him wearing nothing more than this, this beautiful white skater dress.

He was still thinking this when he realised that, unconsciously, he had already began to unbutton his blouse. He returned the dress to its bag, placed it on the lid of the toilet, looked at it for a few more seconds and then slowly continued to unbutton his blouse. He extracted first one then the other arm from the sleeves and dropped the top into the toilet bin before reaching down and untying his shoe laces.

Two minutes later he was naked save for the jewellery he was wearing and his chastity cage. He realised that his toe nails were painted bright pink and that he was wearing his pretty ankle chain, there would be no way to hide those. He suddenly panicked and had second thoughts and began to start to pull out some of the clothes he had discarded in the waste bin. ‘What are you doing?’ he said to himself. ‘You can do this; you want to, you know you do’. He released his grip on the clothes and let them fall back into the bin. He took the dress out of the bag and pulled it on over his head. It was a great fit. He noticed with immense relief that the hem of the skirt, though flared, reached down to just above his knee, affording him a small degree of modesty. He flattened the skirt down and then looked at himself in the mirror. It was a pretty dress.

Right, now the terror begins in earnest, he thought as he tried to mentally steal himself to pluck up the courage to open the toilet door and walk back down the corridor and re-join his Owner. He took some deep breathes and placed his hand on the lock of the door and forced himself to click it open, pull the door towards him and step back out into the train corridor.

He glanced down the length of the carriage. The ten or so other passengers were all either staring out the windows, or engrossed in conversation or reading. Only one stared back at him, Owner. Her eyes lit up and She smiled broadly. He tried to force a smile back then took a deep breath, focussed his gaze straight ahead and set off back down the corridor between the seats back to where She was sat waiting for him.

To his intense relief nobody seemed to notice him at first. He’d made it half way back when he saw that Owner had got up out of her seat and was pointing Her camera at him. ‘Oh wow!’ She exclaimed and as She spoke his cloak of invisibility suddenly vanished and he became aware of ten pairs of eyes that were suddenly focussed on him. His face flushed crimson as he rushed the last few yards and virtually dove into his seat, finally disappearing from view from most of the other passengers whose journey had suddenly, albeit briefly, become more interesting.

Owner sat down next to him.

‘Well done petty!’ She exclaimed, Her face still beaming ‘I didn’t know if you’d do it or not’ She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. ‘And how pretty you look! Were you nervous?’

‘Terrified’ he confessed ‘and still am’.

‘Why did you do it? She asked.

Her question surprised him and he turned towards Her. ‘Because you asked me to’ he replied.

‘And?’ She prompted ‘and because you are..?’

‘And because I am a slut’ he confessed.

‘Such a good slut, what a good slut you are’ She said admiringly ‘walking down a train with a dress and no knickers on, flaunting herself. You may have been terrified but you enjoyed it didn’t you? You like to be told what to do, like to be told to act like a slut, want to dress like a slut and behave like one, don’t you, don’t you? As She spoke She reached under his skirt and between his thighs with one hand, Her fingers searching for his caged clitty forcing him to part his thighs for Her as She reached up and caressed the metal of the chastity cage. As She did this Her other hand reached for the buttons of the dress and undid the top two. She slipped Her hand inside, seeking out and twisting his nipple. Her mouth pressed against his and he felt Her tongue probe inside, rubbing against his as She kissed him violently.

Then just as suddenly She pulled away, withdrew Her hands and looked at him again. ‘My dirty, horny, frustrated little slut’ She cooed. ‘Sitting there with Her lipstick smudged, her top undone and her legs spread. Stay like that, don’t move a muscle’. She turned and reached back down into Her bag and took out Her camera then turned back towards him and took a couple of quick photos. ‘Perfect!’ She exclaimed. ‘Now button yourself back up and straighten out your skirt.’ Still stunned but also aroused by Her sudden groping and fondling of him he realised to his surprise that he no longer felt the intense nervous anxiety that he had felt just a few minutes before. He fumbled to straighten himself out.

‘I really am proud of you’ She said briefly leaning Her head against his shoulder and gently caressing his thigh through the fabric of the dress. ‘What a good slut you are starting to become. Now then I want to carry on reading my book so I suggest you get out your knitting as we still have over an hour to go.’

‘Yes, thank you Owner’ he managed to reply. He reached into the small rucksack down at his feet and extracted the knitting She had told him to bring along. It was a hot water bottle cover that he was making for Her though at present it just looked like a woollen rectangle.

They continued the rest of the journey like this. She read and he knitted. All the while She kept Her hand rested on his thigh, just occasionally stroking it through the material of his dress. She kept Her hand there until the ticket collector came along. Once the collector had stamped their tickets and moved onto the next passengers She gently pushed the hem of his dress higher up his thigh, all the while concentrating on Her book. Higher and higher the hem rode until She had uncovered and exposed his chastised clitty. Then, still concentrating on Her book, She re-positioned Her hand so that it rested on the top of his thigh, trapping the fabric of his dress underneath so that his clitty stayed exposed. 

Try as he might he could no longer concentrate on his knitting such was his state of arousal and he dropped a number of stitches until She moved Her hand down his thigh again, tugging the hem of his dress back into position as She did. All the while not a word was said between them.

Soon the hills and fields of the countryside flashing past out of the window began to transform into the familiar colour and fabric of the city. The guard announced over the tannoy that they were due to arrive in a few minutes time. He felt his anxiety return as the prospect of journeying across London naked apart from the little white dress he was wearing drew close.

Sensing his mounting nervousness She turned to him and checked if he was okay? Despite the butterflies that were now fluttering wildly in his stomach in nodded that he was. She squeezed his hand tight and lent towards him whispering ‘touch your titties for me through your dress, caress them, pinch them’. He looked at Her.

‘I know you like it’ She continued quietly ‘it will help you relax and enjoy your experience as my slut. Go on, do it’ Though said quietly the last statement was a definite order.

As the train slowed through the outskirts of London he cautiously brought his fingers to his breasts and began to caress his nipples through the soft fabric of the dress, feeling them slowly start to tingle and harden as he did so. The more aroused his nipples became the more his anxiety and nervousness subsided.

‘That’s good, keep going’ She whispered encouragingly as She watched Her wife wantonly caress Herself in public on the train. Some people in the carriage began to stir and start to get up as their final destination neared. She waited until the first people started to head down the aisle of the carriage towards the exit before telling him to stop. ‘That’s enough petty. We’ll stay here and let the others get off first and then we’ll get up and get off.’

It was true he did feel a little more relaxed and some of the intense anxiety he had felt had evaporated, replaced instead by a state of happy arousal. He was pleased as well that they were going to wait and get off after the others, somehow that felt like it might be easier. He also entertained the thought that maybe, just maybe She would tell him to hurry back to the toilet and retrieve and put back on his clothes??

But that was not what She had in mind. As the train pulled in She waited until all the other passengers in the carriage had got off before turning to him.

‘Ready?’ She enquired.

He nodded.

‘Ok, let’s go.’ With that She eased Herself up out of Her seat and headed down towards the carriage door. He followed. She paused briefly in the vestibule and waited for him to pick up the suitcase and then She stepped off the train and out onto the platform.

As he stepped down after Her he noticed how cool the concrete of the platform felt on his bare feet. He was relieved to see that all the other passengers were ahead of them at the end of the platform and there was no-one else near them. He had a few more seconds until the ordeal would begin when they walked out onto the main concourse and then down to the tube. 

‘Wait a minute, one more for the album’ She said as She rummaged inside Her bag for the camera. ‘Ok pose for me’ She instructed.

He adopted a couple of what he hoped to be reasonable poses on the platform in front of the train door.

‘Nothing naughty?’ She said, sounding disappointed whilst continuing to hold the camera expectantly.

Gingerly he grasped the hem of his dress and lifted it quickly, offering Her a quick naughty flash.

‘Again’ She instructed,’ that was too quick, do it properly’.

Nervously casting his eyes about he once more lifted his dress up for Her and held it like that until She indicated he could let go, each second seeming to last an eternity as he forced himself to smile for the camera.

‘That’s better’ She said walking back over to him ‘right let’s go’.

It was the longest walk. With each step the main station concourse drew nearer. A concourse crowded with people. A concourse he had to walk across, in a dress, wearing no underwear, barefoot, toes painted pink. Perhaps sensing his fear She briefly squeezed his hand as they walked. And then they were amongst them.


Demonia Paine said...

Hope that slut was wearing a proper Sissy Dress when it happened.