Well Owner and i got to road test the Lelo Tor vibrating cock-ring that (that i mentioned in my previous post) last weekend. Owner had suggested that we spend the weekend away in the lovely little city of Lincoln. The city itself was wonderful with an amazing Cathedral and Castle, bustling river/canalside waterfront and medieval centre. It really is worth a visit.

Anyway, back to the cock ring. My theory was that i would be able to wear it around my chastity device and Owner would be able to enjoy its pleasurable vibrations whilst i remained safely locked and denied. Well, that at least was the theory. On a positive note i can happily report that, judging from the expression of focused rapture on Owners face and the noises She made it definitely succeeded in bringing Her a lot of pleasurable enjoyment. Unfortunately, the small tide of cum that trickled down my belly and onto the bed sheets was also testament to the fact that - despite my being locked up - the little vibrating ring had managed to cause a major mishap on my part too. Yes, i leaked all over the place. My theory is that this happened as the vibrating part was positioned so that it rested on top of my testicles. Next time i will re-position it so that it stands proud of any of my bits (though still easily enjoyed by Owner) and see if that is a safer position to ensure Her pleasure but my denial.

Later that morning Owner used the opportunity of a late lie-in to take some photos of me in the hotel modelling my leather spanking skirt.

It was a really enjoyable weekend.

Meanwhile, i am continuing to work on trying to build my butt. Owner has commented of late that it has become both firmer and bouncier. i have added 20lbs ankle weights to my wok-out routines and am increasing the intensity of the butt exercises i do. My aim is to develop a big round bubble butt for Owner to enjoy. It is still a way off but i think some progress is starting to be made.