Owner and i had our belated anniversary weekend stay at the Charing Cross hotel this weekend. Our relationship first went from 'just friends' to a little more at Charing Cross station nine years ago and, ever since, we have often celebrated our anniversary with a stay in the hotel. It was also at the Charing Cross hotel where i became Owners 'wife' last year.

This year we missed staying on our actual anniversary as Owner was in the midst of Her final studies for Her course (which She passed) and then immediately afterwards we had Her parents over to stay. This it was that it was this weekend that we finally got to re-acquaint ourselves with the hotel. It has just changed owners and we were delighted to see that, after a few years of gradual decline the grand old girl has been given a much needed makeover.

The Saturday night we spent in a pub in Holborn doing one of our favourite activities - namely people watching. Then this morning after breakfast we retired back to bed where Owner commenced some of Her other (and mine) favourite activities - namely teasing and playing with Her wife. First, Owner bound my wrists together then She grabbed the knickers She had been wearing the day before and secured them across my face so that my nose inhaled the pungent aroma - filling my head with Her gorgeous scent. After teasing me about how much i loved the smell of Her urine - which is true, She then grabbed a hotel slipper and began to spank my exposed clitty.

Owner teased me like this for a while until i was extremely aroused - it had been over 70 days since my last orgasm so it didn't take me long before my clitty was throbbing excitedly. Then She stopped, grabbed Her vibrator and sat astride my waist so that Her pussy was grinding down onto my swollen clitty and began to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator. i was helpless as She twisted and writhed and ground down against my clitty as She concentrated on Her own pleasure. At one stage She bound my clitty with the cord of the hotel dressing gown to ensure my clitty remained swollen and engorged as She rubbed against and across it until finally She came.

i lay there thinking that that might be the end of things now that Owner had received Her own sexual pleasure but She had a special treat in store for me. She pushed one hotel slipper into my mouth like a gag, placed Her vibrator underneath my clitty so that it lay across it then switched the device onto full power and then took the other hotel slipper and began to strike my swollen 'dangly bits' hard. Owner spanked my clitty harder and harder this was until soon i was begging Her to be allowed to cum. With an instruction that i was to beg to be hit harder still, which i happily complied with, Owner then told me to cum like a whore. 70+ days of denial surged up and sprayed out across my stomach as my hips heaved and bucked in the air and Owner continued to rain blows down hard against my pulsing, pumping clitty with the slipper. The flood of semen spilled across my waist and pooled between my legs. Owner scooped some of it up with Her vibrator and had me suck and lick it clean.

It really was a wonderfully enjoyable start to the day, a heady orgasmic mix comprising the scent of Owners well used knickers and being struck hard and repeatedly across my exposed bits with a hotel slipper. Owner certainly knows how to pleasure Her wife! :)


Anonymous said...

omfg! :) :) sara (tenting my panties!)