This morning after completing my exercises Owner virtually dragged me back into the bedroom whereupon She pinned me down naked onto the bed, sat astride my buttocks and wedged Her vibrator between my cheeks. She then rode Herself to orgasm against the head of the vibrator whilst simultaneously biting the nape of my neck and my shoulders and telling me what a whore i was. It felt amazing to be used as a sex toy by Owner.

After orgasming and having me suck and lick Her vibrator clean Owner then replaced it with my deepthroat training dildo. She instructed me to get onto all fours and suck and fellate Her cock whilst She positioned Herself behind me and beat my backside and then my testicles with Her leather fly swat. Having my 'bits' spanked like this always excites me and i eagerly sucked and gagged on the dildo. The Owner grabbed my clitty and masturbated me to an orgasm as my head continued to bob up and down on the brown dildo. What a treat and what a way to start a day!

An hour and a half later we were heading out of the house to the shopping centre for some retail lunch and therapy. Owner chose and ordered our meals and then we hit the stores. Although i am currently forbidden from wearing women's clothes or make-up as part of my punishment (see previous blog entry) Owner surprised and delighted me by saying that i was allowed to buy some women's clothes - which, assuming i don't acquire any more punishments, i'll be able to wear in two weeks time. Owner permitted me to buy a pair of skinny jeans, a purple t-shirt and some little black denim short, shorts. In addition, i was also allowed to buy a pair of Gingham print Vans. It was quite a haul! Owner also bought some jeans and tops for Herself.

Owner has also said that i am excused from cleaning this evening and that i may, instead, settle down and watch a tv programme with Her later. i am not sure i deserve so many treats but it is certainly proving to be a hugely enjoyable day.

Oh and by the way, we saw a great film yesterday. It is a black and white Iranian vampire romance horror called 'A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night'. It is brilliant and we would both really recommend it and it has a great soundtrack to it as well.


V said...

Honestly, I read a couple of posts into your blog and really liked it. What an interesting lifestyle!

Happy pet said...

Thanks for commenting V and welcome to our little world!