Owner often states that She regards me as being Her slutty sex toy and She likes to use me and my body in whichever way She sees fit for Her pleasure. This weekend was no exception. On Saturday night Owner advised that i could be temporarily released from chastity as we were both visiting somewhere the following day that required passing through a metal detector (not something you ideally want to be doing when wearing a metal chastity cage). Thus, on Saturday She instructed for me to be unlocked in readiness.

That night Owner reached across a few times in bed and played and fondled with my clit before going to sleep. However, in the morning She decided to use me (as She often does) as Her human sex toy. She took out one of Her vibrators and then took the cord from Her dressing gown, tied it tight around my clit and then in turn tied it tightly wrapped part of the cord around her vibrator. positioned it between by butt cheeks and then tied the two ends of the cord tight around my waist. Owner then instructed me to lie flat on my stomach whilst She 'mounted' my buttocks and proceeded to masturbate Herself against Her vibrator as it buzzed merrily away between my butt cheeks.

Owner rode me like that for a good while, letting Her orgasm build, whilst i rhythmically gyrated my hips and pushed my buttocks up and down so that Her vibrator  provided Her with the pleasure She deserves. In short, i was Owner's human sex toy, my body used by Her in conjunction with Her own actual sex toy to bring Her pleasure.

The whole episode was also very arousing for me, especially after having been locked up in chastity for about a month. Owner decided that She wanted to make me orgasm like a whore and used one of Her favourite methods to do so. This involves Her spanking my testicles as hard as she can whilst i kneel on all fours. She started off spanking them with Her hand and then moved onto using Her leather paddle. It is a deliriously painfully pleasurable experience.

It always takes me a short while to start to process what, initially at least, is just pain into pleasure. However, once i get into the 'zone' it is truly the most amazing sensation in the world. My thighs can't help but part to afford Owner the best access possible and the harder She strikes the more intensely pleasurable the sensation. It's normally not long at all until i am moaning loudly and thrashing about it pure ecstasy begging Her to be allowed to cum and this time was no exception. As Her blows rained down hard against my very exposed and battered (by then) bits i cried out and buried my face in the bedding as i bucked and heaved and emptied my clit all over the bedding. Owner then scooped it up with the end of Her vibrator and fed me my warm cum. It was a most memorable and intense orgasm.

Owner is clear that my sole sexual purpose is to provide Her with pleasure and if She chooses to permit me such pleasure i am expected to respond in a manner befitting an utter slut. It has been over 5 years since i last sexually penetrated Owner. Instead She periodically fucks me, uses me as Her sex toy, controls when and whether i may orgasm and whether i am allowed out of chastity or kept locked up. And truthfully, i couldn't be happier.