Owner and i have had a busy past few weeks (hence in part the lack of recent posts) and so it was wonderful to have been able to just enjoy this past weekend by ourselves. On Sunday this resulted in Owner indulging in one of Her favourite activities, namely using me as Her sex toy.

Positioning me underneath Her on the bed Owner sat astride my face, Her thighs gripping my cheekbones tight with my mouth pressed up hard against Her delicious anus as She applied Her vibrator against Her clit. i eagerly licked my tongue around the entrance to Her pert, tight arsehole and then slipped my tongue inside Her as She tightened Her grip on my head, locking me in position between Her thighs. Locked together like this we stayed as Owner ground Her hips back and forth as Her vibrator and my probing tongue went to work. i don't think either of us will ever tire of this position. Owner loves to smother me with Her sex as She pleasures Herself and i adore the taste and aroma of her anus as, struggling to breath, i focus my effort and energies on bringing Her pleasure with my tongue.

Eventually, i felt Her thigh muscles start to contract and shudder and Her pussy ground down hard against my nose as Her orgasm built to a panting, gasping crescendo before She collapsed down on top of my face, my tongue still buried deep inside Her delicious anus. However, it soon transpired i was in for a treat of my own. Owner grabbed the leather fly swat that always hangs from the headboard for just such an occasion and, swivelling through 180 degrees She re-positioned Herself so that now She was facing down the length of my torso, towards where my un-locked clitty lay half-erect and vulnerable.

Resting on Her haunches so that my face remained buried and smothered under Her now wet pussy She took aim with the fly-swat and brought it down against my exposed and vulnerable dangly bits, my testicles. She struck hard and then again, and again, and again. i squirmed beneath Her as my thighs involuntarily parted to afford Her better access and i thrust my hips up to meet Her blows. Owner loves to beat orgasms out of me like this and i too have learnt to love the hard stinging blow of whatever implement She chooses to use for the purpose. It may sound odd but the harder She hits the more pleasurable (once the first couple of blows are out of the way) it becomes and i am now able to quickly process the pain of the blows against my testes as pleasure...a pleasure of the most wonderful kind.

Owner shifted position, moving down my body to position Herself above my hips so that my now erect little clit was rubbing against the soft down of Her pubic hair and brushing the lips of Her vagina. This was incredible, it has been well over five or six years since i have been permitted inside Owner and so to be so close, to feel the head of my clit rubbing against the forbidden entrance to Her sex was an extremely rare and special privilege indeed. As i arched my back and my clit strained pathetically to get closer to that El dorado Owner brought the leather swat down harder still against my engorged testicles. Each blow fell with exquisite intensity and in a matter of minutes, as She continued to beat my swollen 'labia', i was begging to be permitted to cum. Owner said yes and rubbed Her moist pussy lips against the swollen head of my little clit whilst continuing to strike hard with the leather swat. And so it was that with the touch of the forbidden fruit  wet against my glans and afire of delicious pain searing through my battered bits i came loudly - globules of cum spattering across my belly, some of which Owner scooped up and smeared across my face, the face of Her happy and very lucky wife.

Sadly, in less than 36 hours from now we will both be parted as Owner heads off to see Her family in Spain and i head to my Dad's for Xmas. However, we will only be apart for a few days and then we will be re-united once again. This year we are spending New Years eve together in a cottage in the countryside we have hired for a few days. We're both really excited and can't wait and hopefully we will have a chance for some more fun and frolics too.

i hope you all have a wonderful festive period and that 2016 brings you all much joy and pleasure. We're both very conscious that we have still to finish the videos we promised a few months ago but hopefully you should see the first of those sometime in early 2016. In the meantime, stay safe and stay kinky.