Shortly before Owner and i went on our short trip to Miami Owner had instructed me to purchase another housework uniform so that i have two to use so there is always a spare. Owner selected the item She wanted me to buy on ebay - it was an amazingly cheap nurses/care-home cleaning tunic which cost about £9 - and though we bought it from a store specialising in uniforms for cleaners and nurses etc neither of us were that convinced it would be of good quality. How wrong we were!

The item arrived the day we left and so it wasn't until we returned that i got a chance to try it on. It is surprisingly good quality and we're both delighted with it. You can see what it looks like below (i added the belt) i think it is fair to describe it as being practical rather than sexy!;

Meanwhile, Owner and i have both struggled a little bit with jet-lag post Miami. Thankfully, we've only had to work two days this week though sadly for Owner this meant Her having to go into Her office whereas i got to work from home again - which meant being able to wear my other 'office' uniforms. We had no callers, however, and so nobody got to see me in my stockings, skirt and blouse this time. That will, however, change next week as we have a delivery coming on Monday.

Owner is still keen to establish a new 'dress-down Friday' rule for me when i am working from home at the end of the week (which is normally always the case). She hasn't yet made-up Her mind what this will involve, i am nervously excited to find out what She may decide.