Owner found the perfect padded bra for me the other day. She has requested that when i work from home on Fridays i should wear a padded bra as part of my 'dress-down Friday' attire. Accordingly, She wanted to find me the perfect bra to wear and i am thrilled to say that She succeeded.

i am a size 38AAA and there is a website called Little Women which specialises in bras for small breasted women but which also does them in large chest sizes - perfect for cross-dressers. Owner permitted me to buy the Paloma Bra which you can see on me below (incidentally i had just got out of the shower, hence my wet hair):

We're both delighted with it, the quality is great and the delivery was super quick.


Anonymous said...

My gosh, THAT's the prettiest little bra i've seen in ages!!
i may need one, thanks! Been away a bit, i hope all is well with you and Owner.
hug, sara

julia norin said...

amazing figure...i love charming women

Happy pet said...

Thank you both and welcome to my blog Julia


susanrhodes said...

supercute Bra
really suits you.