The times they have been quite easy the past few days. Yesterday i was working from home and, it being dress down Friday, had Owners permission to wear a more informal outfit. This is what i had on, as you can see i was in my element

Then today, Owner and i went to a great exhibition of kinetic artworks in London after which we went fro lunch and then had drinks in a local pub. This is the first time we have gone out for a Saturday afternoon drink in, well months really. It was lovely to do and we both had a really enjoyable time. Here we are relaxing in the bar
Tomorrow, i have my review with Owner during which She will give Her assessment of how i have been performing as Her submissive wife over the past few months. Although there was a period towards the end of last year where i freely admit i was not performing at my best i think i have got into a much better groove since Xmas. i feel my performance has been much better and also feel happier in myself as a result. i guess i will discover tomorrow whether or not Owner concurs.


Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful couple :)

Happy pet said...

Thank you anonymous.