Today i was working from home when i took a break to do some housework, hoovering and floor mopping to be precise. As i am now expected to clamp my nipples a few times a week whilst i am doing my cleaning chores i thought i would clamp myself whilst i mopped and hoovered. i used our adjustable tweezer clamps and these are some pictures that i took before i got started;

in my home working office uniform + clamps and hoover
i texted the second picture to Owner, who was working from Her office today. Needless to say, half an hour later when i had finished all the hoovering and mopping my nips were quite sensitive!

i have now also agreed with Owner that i will start sewing lessons. There is a course She found that is fairly local to where we live that offers a beginners course of 4 x 2 3/4hour sessions during which you first sew a cushion cover, then a  tote bag and then finally your own A-line skirt. i am now just waiting for the course dates for April/May to be announced in order to book myself on and make my own skirt! Owner has stated that, assuming i do OK on the course, i can then do another so that i can become adept at making alterations and buy a machine to use at home. Which would be another practical skill i will have learnt as Her submissive wife in training. i can't wait to book myself on and get started.