Well i can now reveal the exciting new that i have been alluding to over the past few months. Owner and i are now legally married as wife (me) and Husband (Her). We recently returned from a week long whirlwind trip to the USA which ended in Las Vegas and the two of us getting officially hitched next to the 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign - see images from the ceremony below:

receiving my ring
with the wedding bouquet
We are now officially married. We did all the necessary paperwork at the Clark county registry office the night before and then for the ceremony itself we used the services of the wonderful Las Vegas Wedding Wagon - an LGBTQ friendly service where you tell them where you want to get hitched (location-wise) and they turn up and do the service for you. It is actually run by a lovely English couple who couldn't have been nicer or put Owner and i more at ease - we were both pretty nervous. The Minister even referred to me as the 'wife' and to Owner as the 'Husband' throughout the ceremony.

Of course i had on my collar too (and a fancy pink feather hairclip).
i also wore a blue garter with my stockings but you cannot see that!

We couldn't be happier!

Many of you will recall that we were both 'married' a few years ago but that was a non-legal service. This is fully legal and we are now officially married.

i will post more about our trip shortly, it was amazing! But in the meantime i wanted our readers to know of our exciting news.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both



Lucianathais said...

Hola amiga, estoy muc feliz con tu doble felicidad primero tu cumpleaños y luego tu casamiento que dicha más grande la tuya sabes te tengo como ejemplo y sueño día y noche poder vivir como tu tener una ama así y ser educada y aceptada también en tu familia como lo sos no pude creer cuando leí las publicaciones de que recibisre regalos femeninos de tus parientes que emoción. . Te admiro mucho sabes y sigo día a día trato de hacer algo como tu

becky said...

Congratulations. Hope you had your chastity device on under your pretty dress!!

Hook said...

Yes! Yes! Finally! Congratulations!!