Apologies first off for the death of posts of late. Work is super busy and stressful at the moment and both Owner and i have been otherwise preoccupied since we returned from our trip to the USA and there hasn't been much to write about (incidentally there are some more pictures from that trip below). We went to Spain for a long weekend to visit Owners' parents and also celebrate Her birthday, which was fun and this weekend i am taking Her to Dusseldorf on a belated birthday weekend break. But apart from that we haven't been doing much accept working long hours and yearning for the days when we were both a bit more relaxed and less stressed with life. Hopefully we will get back there again soon though.

We did, however, have an enjoyable day out yesterday. We visited the Photographers Gallery in London to see an excellent and fascinating exhibition about cross-dressing in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century. It was really, really interesting and is well worth visiting if you are in London. Particularly fascinating to me was the tradition of women's cross-dressing in the first US Universities to admit female students where it was commonplace for the students to dress-up for 'practice weddings'.

Anyway, after this we decided we would head to one of our favourite London pubs to indulge in one of our favourite activities, people watching. Owner and i can both spend hours observing and gossipping about others. The first pub we went to was unusually busy so we de-camped to another. There was a largish mixed group in the room and we settled down to drink and observe. Anyway, to cut a long story short (and at least an hour's guessing before we realised) it was apparent that we had sat down amongst a group of people out to attend one of London's many munches. This was a singles munch. We both found it amusing that we were a, now legally married, FLR/BDSM couple sat amongst a group of people looking for the same sort of relationship we have enjoyed for well over a decade now. It made me reflect how lucky i am to have met Owner all those years ago.

I got a number of curious looks from those attending (we were sat apart from the main group) as my collar (which i wear 24/7) always makes it obvious to anyone who is aware that i am submissive and Owned. However, that was all. Owner and i have never actually attended a munch but it was interesting to observe one and i hope that those who were there find themselves as lucky as i have been.

Last but not least, i promised some more pictures from our brief US road trip, so here you go.

overlooking Phoenix
Monument Valley
Owner looking out over the Grand Canyon
Mailboxes off Route 66
More Grand Canyon
Hope this finds all our readers well and sorry for the recent absence of posts, all is good with us.


Lucianathais said...

Hola un gusto y alegría volver a leerte. Me gustaría saber maa sobre tu visita a los padres de tu ama .. Y la visita al pub . Espero pronto puedas escribir y publicar tua historia para mi en particular eres un ejemplo gracias a ti hoy día estoy avanzando y creciendo más como sissy y me anime a muchas cosas.. Te quiero de una forma que no imaginas y admiró con toda el alma sueño y deseo tener una mujer tan buena y fuerte a mi lado como tu la tienes .. Felicidades besos 😘

Hook said...

Nice to meet you here! Nice blog, keep it up!
Happy weekend :)