Owner and i are just back from a wonderful, albeit it all too short, honeymoon in Milan and Lake Como in Italy. It was a wonderful and relaxing break with delicious food and  ice creams eaten, sights seen, photo shoots taken and even an orgasm permitted (my first since early December 2017).

As regular readers will know Owner and i got married in Las Vegas in February (just after Valentine's day) at the end of a short US road trip. As we married at the end of the trip we agreed that we should go away again on honeymoon somewhere and Owner chose Milan - a city She had previously visited but that i had not.

Anyway, the months after our wedding were extremely stressful for us both. Owner had a serious health scare (thankfully now all seemingly OK after various tests). This came on top of Her having only just recovered from almost two years of debilitating health issues. At the same time She has been unhappy at work whilst my own job has been super busy and has meant i have been travelling a lot and working from home hardly at all. This in turn has meant that i have not been able to serve Owner in the manner we had both grown accustomed to. In short, the honeymoon came at the perfect time to celebrate Owners' news about Her health and just get to relax and enjoy each others company for a few days.

The trip got off to a hilarious start when we were stopped by a customs official at Milan Linate airport who asked to inspect the contents of our suitcase - this in full view of other passengers. i, of course, knew what he would find, he did not! He seemed unfazed by the large leather fly swat (for 'clitty' spanking) or the copious pairs of large knickers and bras, the white babydoll, the high heeled sandals and pretty dress which were all obviously far too big for Owner but the perfect size for me - which of course they were! However, one look inside the plastic 'toy' bag, with its cock gag, clamps, dildo, lube, disposable gloves, vibrator and plastic electrician clamps was enough for him. He closed the case and bade us an enjoyable stay.

Milan was lovely and so too was Como and the Lake which we spent a day in after taking the train from Milan to Como. We stayed in a wonderful AirBnB apartment close to the centre of Milan but also close to the trendy Navigli area - with its wonderful bars and apertivos.

We arrived quite late and the following morning Owner treated us both to an orgasm. After clamping my nipples and spending some time spanking my clitty with the swat She removed Her wet knickers, draped them over my head so that the moist fabric was stretched across my mouth and nose and then sat down heavily on my face and then ground down harder, with Her pussy against my pantie covered mouth, than i have ever recalled Her doing before, placed Her vibrator against Her clit and proceeded to bring Herself to orgasm. All the while She pushed Herself down hard against my face, crushing my lips beneath Her. Satiated, She then helped bring me to orgasm, letting me cum copiously all over my chest. It was my first orgasm of the year and certainly one to remember!

The rest of the day we then spent sightseeing in Milan and enjoying a wonderful meal together in the evening. The next day Owner set aside some of the morning to do a short photo shoot of Her wife. i love being Owners' muse and we were both very pleased with the results. Here is a selection. First off is me in the new white babydoll that Owner bought for me to take on our honeymoon

Then next-up is me in a new summer dress, again one which Owner specially bought for me in advance of the trip

Incidentally, the shoes are my wedding shoes and the shawl and necklace are Owners'. It was a super fun photoshoot to do but it wasn't the end of the treats Owner had in store for me that day. Whilst we were out we passed a small jewellers which had a really cute silver bracelet with a bell attached on display in the window. i loved it the minute i saw it and Owner agreed that it would look perfect on me and so went inside and bought it for me and then presented it to me to put on when we were sat down in the park nearby. Here i am in the park unwrapping the box and putting on the bracelet

The bell tinkles whenever i move my arm and is super cute. i love bracelets and rings and this is an adorable and very special addition. Whilst we were out and about in Milan and Como i also enjoyed posing for Owner;
looking at shoes and bags in the Dolce and Gabbana shop window
On the canal side in Navigli
In front of Lake Como - note to self, go on a diet!
On the lakeside by Lake Como
It really was a wonderful trip and Owner and i were reluctant to return. But we do so knowing too that, whilst i may still be busy with work, my priorities should be my service and submission to Her and that my performance has slipped of late. i know that i need to improve, re-focus and re-double my efforts so that Owner has the wife She deserves. That will be what i will be addressing over the next few months with Owners' help.

In the meantime, i leave you with some more photos from the trip
Milan Cathedral
The Navigli canal side district of Milan
Lake Como
Bosco Verticale in Milan


Lucianathais said...

Muchas felicidades por tu luna de miel te ves muy linda en las fotos.. Gracias por este muevo contenido tqm

Happy pet said...

Gracias Lucianathais, soy una esposa muy afortunada


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you two had a wonderful honeymoon. The nightie is adorable and you look hot in your dress and those sexy heels. Did you get to wear it out?


Happy pet said...

Hi wifey,

Thank you for your lovely comments and glad you like the outfits! No, i didn't get to wear the dress out this time, we were a but pushed for time so it was a case of a quick set of photos and then changed and out.

But everything i wore out was women's clothing, infact the only time i ever wear 'men's' clothes now is when visiting Owner's family. Any other time they are women's clothes, to the extent now that if someone asks me my sizes i immediately often answer by giving my sizes in women's blouses or tops etc, which sometimes causes a 'moment' on their part. i sometimes wonder, when giving presentations at events, whether some of the female and more observant members of the audience recognise my garments :)