This is just a brief update to say sorry for the lack of posting of late. Owner and i are still good it is just other things in life have been monopolising our time and attention a lot of late. Owner is unhappy at work, i am super busy at mine and we are both really stressed out by the unfolding disaster that is Brexit.

That aside, we have had some moments of relaxation and fun as well when we have been able to cast our current stresses and worries aside and live life as we both enjoy it. One such period was back in September when we took a two week holiday to the High Tatras mountains area of Slovakia. We had a lovely time walking and hiking in the mountains and exploring some of the local towns and villages. i even managed to do a bikini photo shoot on one of the mountain trails, the results of which you can see below.

Some of the mountain scenery was truly spectacular

 As too were the caves
Then in October Owner and i went celebrated our 13th anniversary (how times flies when you are having fun!) at a hotel in London and then the following month Owner took me to another hotel (again in London). Owner has started to do a digital photography course and She used the opportunity to test some of Her learning to date with a fun doing little photoshoot. You can see some of the results of Her work below

It was good fun to do and we spent the evening enjoying a lovely meal out together.

Now we are both counting down the days to Xmas. Unusually, we are spending it together this year and Owner has just ordered me a lovely Xmas outfit to wear from I Love Lola (see below)
Hopefully this will provide an opportunity to do a photoshoot challenge in our local park on Xmas day! We did one a few years back with me in my 'sexy' elf outfit which quite literally stopped traffic!

The downside of my having been so busy and stressed of late is that i have not been the playful pet that i now Owner enjoys. Hopefully Xmas will provide an opportunity for a little relaxation and fun. It has also meant that i have been less good at keeping on top of my chores and duties and generally not being the wife that Owner deserves. i know that i need to improve and get back to providing Owner with the service She deserves from Her wife. i have also spent the time since our September holidays out of chastity, which is rarely a good thing! Hopefully i will be locked up again soon.

Wishing all of our readers well and sorry for the absence.


Marie said...

So happy you are back, and sorry to hear life is stressful. We all get those phases at times. Hope things look up really soon! Hope you got my email so you have my new contact info and blog.

Happy pet said...

Hi Marie,

Many thanks and had missed your mail first time round but now found and replied. Love your new blog btw and you are right, sadly there are just periods when life gets in the way. Greetings to you and yours and yours :)


Anonymous said...

Hi happypet,

It's been a while since i perused this blog which i have stated before is my favourite blog/site on the net. Love the photo's and your xmas outfit looks wonderful.

I empathise with yourself being busy and also with your wonderful Owner as i am also going through tough times at work which has had a major impact on life and with some medical issues has caused my crossdressing to sit on the backburner. Oh i miss being a girl but have been too exhausted and preocuupied with life's struggles - it's been a tough year.

Apologies are in order for neglecting this blog (don't worry i get a kick from this feeling of letting you and especially Owner down, my masochist side tells me i have to do some pennance ;).

In all seriousness i hope you and Owner continue to explore FLR at your own pace.

Hope you both have a wonderful xmas and happy new year and hopefully Owner will allow you to celebrate with some nice champagne if you are good and very lucky.

Best wishes


Happy pet said...

Hi sissysteph,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and i am really sorry to hear that 2018 has been such a tough one on you too. i do hope that 2019 sees you back embracing your feminine side and taking on the world and all of its challenges.

i hope that your Christmas is an enjoyable one and that you too get to taste some 'champagne' as well.

Hugs abd seasons greetings