Owner has started to study photography in Her spare time with yours truly acting as Her muse. This summer we have both been watching a number of B&W film noir movies with strong femme fatale themes and this inspired Owner to do a film noir photoshoot.

To ensure that i was appropriately attired Owner permitted me to buy a lovely black 1940s dress and an accompanying turban head piece. She then researched a hotel to find a room with dramatic potential. The outcome of which was that on Saturday we booked into the Crazy Bear hotel outside London.

Unfortunately, Owners' muse is still very much an amateur and so by the time we started the photoshoot the make-up i had been wearing all day had already faded considerably and i forgot to touch it up and so my face is not exactly a picture of elegance! But, despite this i think the photos are amazing and that Owner is fast becoming an excellent photographer, wouldn't you agree? We have joked that She could offer a service photographing other submissives.

Anyway, here are a selection of some of the images She took

The bedroom also had a dramatic bronze roll-top bath at the foot of the bed which was filled from the ceiling! We don't have a bath at home (just a shower) and so i eagerly leapt in at the first opportunity, again Owner was at hand with Her camera
bath filling from the ceiling!
soaking amidst the bubbles
i think Owner has taken some lovely photos and is well on the way to becoming a great photographer


MissBonnie said...

Beautiful photos.

Happy pet said...

Thank uou Miss Bonnie i will pass on your compliment to Owner.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! They are great, your owner has a great eye for details!

becky said...

I was anxious to see a post with the results of your September 11th roll of the dice. I now see you are out of chastity (too bad!) and had two orgasms. Can’t wait to read about those details. When you are allowed to orgasm do you get to eat all your cum?

Happy pet said...

Sometimes becky, sometimes...and you yours?