After the lovely long Easter break today it was back to work again for Owner and i, except that i was able to work from home today rather than have to go into the office, unlike Her. However, one of the requirements of me working from home is that on such days i roll the dice to determine what activity/challenge i will have to complete. Today's involved a degree of breast torment/torture, specifically for me to attach 10 mini pegs to each breasts and then wear them for 20 minutes before removing them. Here are a couple of pictures of me with the pegs in place:

with pegs attached
And then here is what my poor little breasts looked like afterwards
my breasts with the marks from the pegs clearly visible
As you can see it left my boobies a little sore and it was all i could do to stop myself from caressing them for the rest of the day - i adore it when my inflamed nipples are stroked and the pegs left me with nipples like bullets!

Working from home also meant that i got to wear the new blouse that Owner bought for me on our shopping trip yesterday.
i was very lucky as Owner also bought me a super cute denim dungaree skirt which i can't wait to wear on a 'dress down Friday'. i am extremely lucky.


sissie billie said...

taking those off after 20 minutes must really have hurt!! credit to you for the effort but "ouch!"


Sissy Kaaren said...

I would love to kiss those sweet little nipples and make them feel better!!!!
And the new blouse...just looks wonderful on you....the cut and style of it suits you so well...
Isn't it nice when our wives buy us our pretty things!!!!
And, as always, you look cute as a button!!!!
I love the peek of the stocking tops too....

Happy pet said...

Hi sissie billie - it was a little 'ouch' but not as much as when they are attached somewhere else. Owner expects me to be able to accept and process some pain so it is good practice for me.

Kaaren - what can i say, you always say the sweetest things! i agree, we are so lucky having wives who are quite content to buy our clothes and who know exactly the sorts of knickers and bras etc we will love.