Today i got to undertake another outdoor dice challenge...yay! After completing four indoor challenges it was time to roll the outdoor dice to determine what challenge i would need to complete whilst working from home today. Amongst the six current outdoor challenges described on each face of the dice, two involve activities in our local park. One stipulates that i wear fishnets and a mini skirt in the park and the other that i show off my bra in the park. So far the dice has not landed on either and so i have not had to complete either of them....until today. Today i had the pleasure of showing off my bra in the park!

i confess to feeling a teeny bit nervous at the prospect but elected to wear one of my prettiest bras for the occasion. It is one that Owner chose for me and i really love the straps. Anyway, how did i get on? Well, you can see for yourself below;

sitting on a park bench flashing my bra

There weren't that many people about, just a couple of dog walkers, so it was quite easy to find a relatively quiet spot in which to undo my jacket and blouse and reveal my bra to the world. It was tremendous fun to do and my only regret is that i did not go the whole hog and completely remove my blouse. It will come as little surprise to anyone reading this that i am a bit of an exhibitionist tart! If i was to do it again i would definitely try to pluck up the courage to take my blouse off completely.

Part of me really hopes that my next outdoor challenge will be the mini skirt and fishnets in the park one. That will really push me out of my comfort zone, not least as i need to walk past a small parade of shops on my way to the park. Of course, i would have to pair the skirt and stockings with some heels...i wonder how slutty i would dare to be? Just thinking about it fills me with a sense of nervous excitement.

In the meantime, however, i am quite pleased with my bra in the park photos and Owner is too.


becky said...

So today is the 11th, dice day. Not to be mean but I hope you roll two more months of chastity. That would make a total of six months of chastity and orgasm denial!! Good luck!

Poppet Subslut said...

Thank you Becky and i hope that too, i will find out tonight. i have to confess that i am feeling horny as hell at the moment...and loving it :)


Anonymous said...

SUCH a pretty bra! Thanks for sharing!


Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks Mark, it is from which is fabulous for bras