As previously blogged Owner often requests that i put on a Burlesque or strip-tease show for Her. On Friday night i did a few Rocky Horror show performances for Owner. The images below were taken by Owner whilst i 'performed'. As ever these were great fun!

This afternoon it was time for my weekly caning. Owner has been slowly increasing the number of strokes i receive and today was a new record, 130. When Owner had finished She had me lie on the bed whereupon She proceeded to rig me up with rope so that i was fully accessible and exposed for Her amusement. As you can see i was pretty well immobilised with my hands tied behind my head to the bedframe and my legs bound and spread;

Once fully secured Owner then commenced attaching clothes pegs to my nipples and testicles;

After which out came the inflatable butt plug and i was sent spinning away into slut heaven as Owner pumped the plug up and switched the vibrator on. Owner then proceeded to cane my nipples before draping Her moist knickers over my face, squatting above me and using my tongue for Her pleasure in combination with Her vibrator. What a wonderful way to work out!


JeanieLoveJones said...

sounded fun,.....
and nice pics,... some of them anyway,... like the top three,... lol