Well tonight after giving Owner a foot bath and massage i received the following email;

'This is an automated message. Please do not reply. You are receiving this email on behalf on the CFPD's assessment department. Please find attached the results of your Spanish and PowerPoint's test. For extra feedback contact your personal trainer.
CFPD (Centre For Pets' Development)
Committed to the development of pets since 2005'

The following results were attached;

i'd passed both tests!!!! i'm soo excited i am going to become a full pet once again.....yippeee!! It's been nearly a year but at last i've finally earned my way back to becoming my Owners pet. Thank you, thank you Owner.

Owner has advised that we will have the re-collaring ceremony next weekend. This weekend we are to have a 'slut marathon' in which Owner has advised that Her pet will be fucked 10 times during the day. Her pet is to choose from two packs of cards marked X and Y. One indicates the place and position Pet is to be fucked in the other the object that will be used.

Oh what joy, back to being a proper Pet and a slut marathon to take part in too!! This could be one of the best weekends of my life!


Lis said...

Well done pet! So pleased you passed.

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Lis

Mistress L said...

Just stumbled upon your blog but Congratulations! I really like the program your Miss has intergrated as it reflects a lot of what I do for my subs.

I'm sure you'll continue to make her proud!

Happy pet said...

Mistress L - many thanks for your kind words and i agree, Owner has a great aptitude for training. i shall certainly try my best to make Her proud of me.


Mistress160 said...

So very very pleased for you (both).

We look forward to hearing ... and seeing some photos ...about the weekend soon...

Well Done, too, re the Spanish!

(also: not sure if Lis has commented before, although she's been a fan of your blog for a while. We know her real time here in Oz and like you she is a great cook. Sol calls her the Cupcake Goddess after she made cupcakes for his birthday!)