The last of Owners challenges for this round of the World Cup have now been drawn courtesy of the results of the recent elimination round and they will, this weekend, see me going where i have never been before (though i have dreamt about and desired for sometime). In short, at some point this weekend i will be walking across London's Waterloo Bridge in my red stilleto heels and wearing my black short skirt, albeit on top of a pair of jeans. i've never before worn a skirt in public (apart from at a club or other 'safe' event) and whilst i know that wearing it on top of jeans is not exactly fully en femme, it is the first time i will have ever worn a skirt in public and not at an event.

i am thrilled, excited and also nervous at the prospect as, who knows, i may bump into someone i know whilst wearing my skirt. The deal with Owner is that i have to wear it for a minimum of 30 minutes. In a way it is the last taboo of my public femming. i'm now used to wearing make-up in public, girly tops, bras and even walking in heels in public is not new. But the skirt is. To me it will mark a personal landmark and something i have wanted to be able to do for a long-time and i am grateful (i think!) to Owner for giving me the opportunity.

Over the course of the weekend i will also have some more public challenges to complete, such as showing off my bra in public three times on Bond Street (that courtesy of Japan losing on penalties in their match), going naked into our garden and masturbating using only a pair of chopsticks and shopping whilst wearing nipple clamps and a butt plug. However, all of these i have done before in some form or other (yes even the chopsticks - though not outside). Needless to say this feels to me like a momentous weekend because of the skirt challenge. i have remarked in the past to Owner how i would like to be made to wear a skirt in public and this weekend's red high heels and black skirt combination across Waterloo Bridge (there and back) will certainly put my desire and resolve to the test! It now seems an age ago that i used to 'die' with embarrassment at the prospect of wearing make-up in public, something i now do all the time outside of work without batting an eyelash. Wearing a skirt really does though feel like the last of the acts i need to complete before my public feminisation is complete.

Now that the World Cup is coming upto the quarter finals tonight was time to draw the next set of teams out of Owners hat. The same rules apply, if they lose i will have to complete more challenges, albeit ones even more challenging than those already drawn for the previous rounds of the competition. i have drawn the following teams;
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Uruguay
  • Spain
Obviously my desire is to see them all lose as i crave public challenges and can't wait to see what Owner may devise for these. However, whether i will be so excited at the prospect when it comes to actually completing them remains to be seen.

Meanwhile though i have my high heels and skirt challenge to accomplish. i'll just try to make sure that as i step out along my very public catwalk that i put my best foot forward, try not to fall over and enjoy my long desired opportunity to strut my stuff and show the world (well at least that part of it that happens to be crossing the River Thames at the time) what a girly slut i am! Nervous? Moi? You bet!